What Would Happen To You If Google Disappeared Tomorrow?

GoogleLet’s imagine that Google simply decided to disappear tomorrow – after all, they’ve already ‘killed’ more than 70 previously available projects, such as Google Answers, Google X, Google Lively, Google Notebook, Google Catalogs, Google Print Ads, Google Shared Stuff, Google Wave, Google Health, Google Video, iGoogle… the list goes on. Google provides wonderful tools.. but if you’ve put any reliance on the functionality provided by Google – you might be left in the lurch.

So what would happen if they suddenly disappeared completely?

Well, many affiliate marketers would suddenly lose their income – as indeed, has already happened a few times!  Every time Google has changed their algorithms – it’s as if Google ‘disappeared’ for thousands of websites that formerly depended on Google for their traffic and income. This is one of the major reasons that I changed my business plan from Amazon Affiliate sites, which heavily rely on Google, to list building, which doesn’t rely on Google at all.

My Amazon sites did quite well – then Google slapped me silly… and what was hundreds of dollars dropped to dollars… One site went from $200/mo down to … hmmm, I think I made one sale a few months ago… The websites are still there, they have the same content, the same number of backlinks, the same excellent on-site and off-site SEO practices… but Google decided that it didn’t like these types of sites – and I was merely one of thousands of marketers who took a big hit in the wallet.

So I started to look around to find an online business model that doesn’t depend on Google – and there really isn’t a whole lot to choose from – but one online business stood out head & shoulders over all others… List Building.  By getting into the business of building a list, and marketing only to that list – I no longer worry about what Google is up to… and if it went out of business tomorrow, it would change my income by a few bucks at best…

You see, my traffic doesn’t depend on Google – and if Google did disappear, my website would still be getting traffic from a multitude of paid and free sources.

Wouldn’t you like to be independent of Google? It’s definitely the 800-pound Gorilla in the room – so you have to have a policy in place to deal with Google. No successful online business can afford to ignore Google – unless they’ve structured their business to be Google-Free.

Let’s face it – every successful business must have a plan in place to drive traffic. Years ago I came to this realization – and every ‘make money online’ product was examined with just one thought in mind – How Do They Drive Traffic?

I recently ran across a new (actually, a rewrite of an old idea) ‘Make Money Online’ idea that promised “No Traffic Generation … EVER!”  It was simply a way to build affiliate review sites around highly targeted long-tail keyphrases with many searches and lower competition. An idea that will work quite well until Google changes their algorithm again, and poof… those sites disappear to page 937 in the SERPS, and your income drops to zero.

You Can’t Fool Google!

Not for the long-term, anyway… they’ve built themselves up to the monster business that they are by following a simple rule – they know who their customer is, and they cater to their customer. Unfortunately, their customer is not me with my wonderful review website hawking some affiliate product – their customers are those who are searching for the best digital camera… or the most flexible lawn hose, or the cheapest watch. Their customers are the ones doing the searches – and if their customers don’t get the very best results for their search, they’ll move to Bing, or Yahoo, or someone else.

The website owner, on the other hand, often cares little for the reader – only what he can get out of that reader – so you get poor content, spun articles, mash-ups, and over-the-top sales copy. And no matter what tricks such a website owner utilizes to get to the top of Google’s SERP’s, Google will eventually figure out how to downplay such websites… Now, a human can virtually glance at a website and tell quality from garbage – but it’s a little more difficult for computers to do so… but the computer algorithms that Google engineers have been programming are doing an increasingly good job at weeding out garbage, and giving their customer the best possible experience.

Given these facts, it makes sense to do one of two things – either play the game the way Google wants you to – which means creating excellent and unique content perfectly suited for their customers, or simply move to another business that doesn’t require Google to love your website…

I choose the second option – by building a list, I’m no longer reliant on Google – what about you?

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