Traffic Sources You Should NEVER Use!

Okay – so you have your landing page set up – your money funnel is ready to go – and you’re ready to blast tons of traffic … right?

If you’ve read my book, you know I’m a big believer in tracking – you have to track your traffic, you have to know who’s opting in, you have to know who’s buying your products. And if you’ve been doing this – you’ll come to the same conclusion that I do – some traffic isn’t worth it. So here they are, the traffic sources you should NEVER use:

1. Buy A Million Hits For $20 – I know you’ve seen this traffic time and time again – and if you’ve ever run a website, you’ve almost certainly bought some of it… and learned the hard truth – it’s worthless. It can be generated any number of ways by the seller – but the only traffic that works is when someone is actively looking for what you have to offer. This sort of traffic isn’t. You can buy it on, you can buy it on, you can buy it on, you can simply Google “Website Traffic”… it’s easy to find. And completely worthless. I know many of you don’t believe me… but be sure to track when you buy it, and you’ll soon learn! (see Traffic Proof for more detail)

2. Traffic Exchanges – Once again, everyone who’s ever put up a website has run across sites such as EasyHits4U or TrafficSwarm – and I’ll guarantee you that everyone who is clicking on your site has absolutely no interest whatsoever in anything other than traffic. So if you have a landing page on traffic – you might do okay… but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

3. Safelists – a wonderful concept in theory … I’ll allow you to email me if I can email you… and it’s ‘safe’ insofar as everyone agrees that incoming mail isn’t ‘spam’. The problem, of course, is that everyone wants to send you email – but isn’t interested in receiving any email. Many smarter people will sign up with a ‘throwaway’ email address, so 99% of the emails you send to a safelist are never even opened. This is another completely useless form of traffic – it’s not worth the time to type in an email and send it to a safelist. If you want to play, you can send an email to millions of safelist email addresses at once on Fiverr. (of course, you’ll have wasted the $5, but learned a valuable lesson!)

4. Buying A List – Commonly these come in a spreadsheet, with email addresses, names, IP addresses, phone numbers, and they are again, perfectly worthless. You can’t import the entire list into any reputable Autoresponder company – and adding them in one by one is going to be very tiresome. And once you do, your spam complaints will shoot through the roof, and you’ll quickly be banned.

One thing all of these traffic sources have in common is that the person you’d like to target isn’t looking for what you have to offer – and doesn’t know you. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to hand him or her a $20 bill – they have no reason to trust you, and they have no reason to click on any link on your site at all… COMPLETELY WORTHLESS TRAFFIC!

Such traffic will never convert, no matter how good your offer is.

Take my advice, build traffic the old fashioned way, and ignore the shiny objects you see…

About Ben Holmes

Online since the late '90's, I built my first website in 2001 - coding it on notepad. Times have changed, haven't they? Active on the Warrior's Forum and Facebook - I spend most of my time teaching people how to build their first list - and market to their subscribers. Do you have a list yet?


  1. says

    I’m sorry to see you fall into lockstep with so many others who say Traffic Exchanges and Safelists just plain don’t work. For those who have NOTHING ELSE, it’s a great place to start for free. I did that 14 years ago and still use them every day. It’s all about learning what works and not just plastering pages in their face, but the people there are first and foremost PEOPLE. Once you learn how to trip their switches, they can become the start of building contacts you can engage and upgrade just like any other method, only this one is free.

    • Ben says

      Ah! But I actually ran a traffic exchange for a short time… not long enough to be truly expert on the topic – but I do know that the major viewers of traffic exchanges are website owners looking for traffic.

      And if that’s what you’re selling – you’ve got a perfectly targeted audience. But for most other things – traffic exchanges simply cannot compare. I can get far more traffic for the same amount of time invested in a number of other areas.

      I stand by my opinion – and certainly if it’s working for you – I don’t fault you for it! 🙂

      It’s just not for me – and I can’t in all honesty recommend it.

      As for Safelists – if you don’t mind a .001% open rate, then I have nothing to say… Safelists are designed by their very nature to be failures… the whole concept depends on everyone actually OPENING all the emails – but in reality, everyone’s only interest is in other people opening their emails. Many people in fact use junk email accounts for themselves… so you’re literally sending to a tremendous number of junk accounts, and actually having your emails opened and read by the 27 honest people on that Safelist of 500,000.

      Just my opinion, of course… others may vary…

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