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I know that I explain many times that the source of your traffic will make a huge difference in your results… but sometimes the message just doesn’t get through – so I decided to purchase some junk traffic just to show you the results…

But first, let’s take a look at what good traffic can look like… this traffic came through on a single day, and was a solo ad that cost me just $15.

Solo Ad Traffic

This comes from my Adtrackz Gold – and shows that I had 37 people sign up to my list out of just 75 unique visitors… for an opt-in rate of 49.33 percent. Each new member of my list cost me just 41 cents. Now, unfortunately, I’ve not tracked the sales, I actually had one sale from this traffic as well… it’s not shown because I didn’t have my tracking php code set up on my buying page. But that’s okay, you just need to review the numbers…

Now, let’s look at another set of numbers:

ClixSense Traffic

This is from Clixsense – which I rather hesitantly recommend – the cost was a low $16 (They’ve recently raised their rate), and the time frame here is about a month… the opt-in rate is a very pathetic half a percent – and I’ve not had any sales from this crowd yet. I have the sneaking suspicion that these list members will be good enough to boost my numbers, but do me very little good otherwise. The demographics of this traffic source isn’t going to be conducive to making very many sales in the MMO niche – but I’m a big believer in always trying and testing everything.

Now we move to the real numbers you need to see:

Purchased Traffic

Now this is targeted U.S. “Business Opportunities” traffic from expired domains. Notice that the cost was a very reasonable $11.99 – and although I only purchased 10,000 visitors, I picked up 17,482 unique visitors… but look at how many signed up… not a single visitor. To an opt-in page that convinces half of the viewers from Solo Ads to sign up… I was running a split test between four similar landing pages – each received over 5,000 visitors… one of these landing pages was the same as the one that picked up a 49.33% opt-in rate earlier.

I’ve explained many times that you cannot buy traffic. (please note, I’m not speaking about PPC traffic) – this example shows exactly what happens when you purchase traffic from the many different places online that sell it. Feel free to set up your own tracking experiment – and purchase some traffic if you’d like to recreate this demonstration – just be sure to purchase the lowest amount you can to start with – you’ll certainly regret wasting the money – so don’t waste too much!  😉

When you buy your own traffic – you’ll get the same results I just showed you…




You’ll have thrown your money away just as I did … although to be honest, I didn’t throw my $11.99 away – it was spent in order to write this post. So that those of you who are not carefully tracking your traffic can understand that I’m right when I tell you that this sort of traffic is a complete waste of your time & money. You’ll notice that I could have dug up another $3 in pocket change, bought another low cost solo ad, and ended up with another 30-40 subscribers… instead of wasting the $11.99.

What do you think?

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