The Guru Council Told Me Not To Reveal This…

Buying ebooks or manuals  that tell you how to make money will never produce a single penny until you start applying what you learn. I have the sneaking suspicion that many of the “make money” customers are frequent buyers of any ‘hot’ idea that comes down the pike, yet never actually do anything to try to earn online.

Ask yourself, how many websites have you put together? How many CPA memberships do you have? How many ad campaigns have you run? If the answer is consistently zero to these and similar questions – why do you think buying another ebook will change anything? I’d love to sell you List Lightning, but if you won’t take action on the step by step plan shown inside, what good did it do you to purchase it?

Taking ActionTake the DUMBEST idea you’ve seen, and consistently apply it online, doing everything appropriately, and I’d be surprised indeed if you didn’t make at least some money with it. The real learning isn’t going to be from ebooks, the real learning is going to be selecting a method that you want to use to make money, then pounding that one single idea into the ground… with single-minded purpose.

I should really repeat that again – since it’s an important concept – you can’t learn everything you need to know from any ebook or manual – I can’t show you everything to do – because I don’t know what you don’t know. For me, adding a Google sitemap plugin to WordPress is elementary – you may not know what it does or why it’s important to have. But when you start to put WordPress sites together, you’ll learn these ‘tricks of the trade’ – not from any one source, but from your own efforts. Taking action is the best form of learning that exists… simply reading about someone else’s experiences will never be the same.

It’s easy to flit this way, then that way… oh! This looks like a great idea… Oh! That looks even better than this one… and before you know it, another day, week, month has gone by without earning a single penny. Isn’t this your experience? I can truthfully admit, this is certainly my experience… it wasn’t until I started diving in, and actually doing the work – writing the posts, creating products, driving traffic – that I began seeing results.

And no, your work will not make you money today… tomorrow, even next month… it’s a road, not a destination. It takes a wide footprint of your content on the Internet before you’re driving enough traffic to see results… this is what discourages most people… they put up two videos on Youtube, don’t see hundreds of dollars hitting their Paypal, and decide that this ‘method’ (whatever it may be) is a failure.

No! – The Failure Is Your Inability To Stay The Course!

Yes… I know that’s harsh… I wish someone had kicked me a few times many years ago – when I first had the knowledge to make money online, but never actually took any action… Now, granted, it’s not really your fault, it’s the fault of all the product owners selling you on the idea that you can push a few buttons, and be running to the bank next week. But once you understand that this is a process of action – then it does become your fault for not following it… and the punishment fits the crime – you can’t fire your boss.

You will succeed when you decide to take action, you will succeed when you spend enough time to actually allow your online business to grow and succeed. A few days here and there isn’t going to do the job. The average offline business takes three years to reach profitability… now fortunately, that isn’t true online – because costs are so much less in online businesses – but neither are you going to be raking it in next week.

You can learn the step by step process by picking up my manual – List Lightning – but the secret isn’t in the manual, it’s in the simple phrase “Take Action”.


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