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If I don't make a sale, I'm not helping anyone. I'm guessing that you don't know me, and have no idea whether or not what I offer is worth the price... and I don't blame you. Money is tight, and you have to make sure you're making a wise decision.

I'm convinced that you need financial independence just as I once did... and all you need are the tools, knowledge, and an hour a day to achieve them... you can do this! - Let me make this easy for you...  I'll send you the complete package for just:

One Dollar!

Yes, just a single dollar bill... the remaining $16 will be billed in two weeks... and if you find that I've not given you great value for the price, and all the knowledge you need to start a financially profitable business - simply cancel the recurring payment in your Paypal account. There's nothing I can do to stop you.

I can only rely on your honesty!

List Lightning

By spending just a dollar now - and deferring billing until you've had the chance to see the quality and detailed information you'll be getting, you can be sure that your money is being spent wisely.

The original version took several weeks to write, and I've spent another week of work in revising it in this latest version - this is updated material - and this is how you can build a real business starting today! Even current list builders will find a few gold nuggets in this manual. If anything, I'm far too detailed in List Lightning... you'll be referring back to this manual for a long time to come as you build your business. With over 90 pages of step by step process - you'll have all the knowledge you need to set up your business so you can quit your day job.

The Internet has grown by leaps and bounds - I recall when I first started online, that there wasn't even a small percentage of the websites and possibilities as there is now... I first got online in 1999, Ebay was in the future, Google was in the future, Aweber & GetResponse were in the future... 'Gopher' was the way you found things online... anyone remember?

Online Websites

Online Websites

As you can see from this graph showing website growth online - profit opportunities are only going to get better in the future - you need to get involved with online marketing if you want to stay ahead.

This Is The Only Time You'll See This Page!

Now, I'd love to scare you with false scarcity tactics - tell you that this is an offer that's about to close - that you only have 24 hours left to decide - but the fact is - I intend to continue selling this manual for many years, and keep updating it as well. But I will not offer this $1 trial again. If you decide against purchasing at this time - you can come back later and pay full price.

If you put off this decision - then you've made a decision... you've decided that you like your life the way it is, and that you have enough money for yourself and your family. And I'll have to respect that decision.

How does the quote go? 'If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got.'  But if you'd like to break out of the rut you've fallen into - and move ahead to do what both teenagers and retired folk have done - build a list and profit with it - then make the decision right now.


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P.S. Financial independence is just an hour away... an hour a day - that is! Can you do what's needed to be financially free?

P.P.S. After signing up, your downloads will be instantly available for you - you can begin your new business today!

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