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I'm convinced that you need financial independence just as I once did... and all you need are the tools, knowledge, and an hour a day to achieve them... let me make this easy for you...  I'll send you just the manual itself for $7.00

If you cannot afford $7 - then you can't afford financial independence...

Please! Invest in your future - Building a list of buyers is the way you can have the American dream (and pay a lot more in taxes! Ouch!)

List LightningList Lightning is not some hacked over garbage that was found on some reseller site - I spent two weeks writing this, and I filled it with almost every trick and technique I know. You'll learn everything you need to learn from either this manual, or from the resources that I point you to.

I've spent quite a bit of money buying information about the business of  building a list and marketing to it, and in  my humble opinion, you're getting a real bargain here - I've purchased manuals at three times the cost that didn't have half of what you'll find in List Lightning.

Now, I'd love to scare you with false scarcity tactics - tell you that this is an offer that's about to close - that you only have 24 hours left to decide - but the fact is - I intend to continue selling this manual for many years, and keep updating it as well.

So there's no hurry... I'm not going to try to force you with slick salesmanship... the only thing that should make you think about purchasing right now - rather than later - is that later never seems to come. If you start right now - you could have money coming in as quickly as next month, and a full-time income in just a few months more... But it won't happen if you fail to take action.

How does the quote go? 'If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got.'  Break out of the rut - learn the methods that simply work - and apply them. What you can't do yourself, you can outsource easily to others. But you have to invest a little!

Now, I can't include the bonuses for $7 - but the manual is really all you need - the step by step explanations of how to get started, how to build your money funnel, how to drive traffic, and how to deposit it in the bank... (well, actually, I think you can figure that last one out yourself... 😉 )

If you can't complete this system within the next 30 days, I demand you fire me from your business and you get your refund.

But I'm confident you'll stay in, you'll implement our systems, and you'll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you've accomplished after finding us and taking this training.

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P.S. Financial independence is just an hour away... an hour a day - that is! Can you do what's needed to be financially free?

P.P.S. After signing up, your downloads will be instantly available for you - you can begin your new business today!

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