Five Free Traffic Sources You Shouldn’t Be Without!

Getting free traffic for your website isn’t nearly as difficult as is commonly thought – but there isn’t any ‘push-button’ solution. You’re actually going to have to put some work into the task. But 30-60 minutes a day is all you need. I’m going to describe the 5 methods of getting traffic in the order that you should begin using them (at least, in my humble opinion 🙂 [Read more…]

Don’t Make This Blogging Mistake!

Blogging ClockI have a slight problem with a lot of blogs I read… I’m looking for information that has no relevance to the date or time, yet the blog author hasn’t removed date and time information from their blog.  WHY NOT?

If you’ve looked around this site, you’ll notice that there’s no date information anywhere – you have no idea whether I wrote this particular post today, or three years ago.

Why does this matter? It’s really simple… if I stop creating new content for this site – it won’t be obvious to anyone other than regular visitors. People will continue to end up here, and read these posts – and will not be put off by a blog that’s a few years old, yet doesn’t seem to have any current activity.

Now, on many websites, dates are important to the story [Read more…]

Ever See A Cat With A Ball Of String?

Cat With Ball Of YarnProduct owners keep dangling that shiny new ‘Make Money Fast’ method in your face, and just like a cat with a ball of string, you want to play with the newest method that promises the world.

But you already know how to make money online… you already know how!!

Start a Gig on

  1. Start selling on Ebay.
  2. Offer a service on Warrior’s Forum or DigitalPoint.
  3. Create an Amazon Affiliate Website.
  4. Create Adsense Websites.
  5. Create Video Reviews linking to Affilate products
  6. Create your own product out of PLR material & sell it.
  7. Start a list and market to them.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, and I know that I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. How many times have you heard someone say: [Read more…]

Making Google Happy With Your Blog…

I continue to insist that SEO is not a game I need to play anymore… particularly since Google will NEVER put any of my landing pages in the top 1,000 pages or so… this means that the traffic methods I’ll be largely using have nothing in common with the sort of traffic methods that I used to use as an Amazon Affiliate.

But if you’re using your blog to enhance your list building efforts, you still want to make Google happy… watch this video to see why… [Read more…]