6 Ways To Improve Your Copy – Finding Ad Copy Inspiration

Viewmaster AdvertisingAny online marketer should be constantly examining ways in which they can improve their ad copy. The best way to find new inspiration for ad copy is to look at other ads and examine the trends that the industry is following.

Don’t limit yourself to modern advertisements either – there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the early days of the advertising industry as well.

You may well remember the Viewmaster – the company began in the late 1930’s, and what household hasn’t had one of these gadgets at one time or another? From it’s humble beginnings in 1938, who would have expected that the Viewmaster would still be on the market more than 75 years later?

Viewmaster trivia: Did you know that the military was a big buyer of the Viewmaster? During World War II, they purchased thousands of viewers to help teach artillery spotting and aircraft identification. [Read more…]

Do You Want Unsubscribers?

Do you want your subscribers to click on the link at the bottom of your emails to instantly unsubscribe? You can get as many people as you want to leave your list –  It’s really simple – just treat people as idiots, and they’ll be happy to unsubscribe!

I just got an email from one of the lists I subscribe to, and the subject line read: [Read more…]

Ever See A Cat With A Ball Of String?

Cat With Ball Of YarnProduct owners keep dangling that shiny new ‘Make Money Fast’ method in your face, and just like a cat with a ball of string, you want to play with the newest method that promises the world.

But you already know how to make money online… you already know how!!

Start a Gig on Fiverr.com

  1. Start selling on Ebay.
  2. Offer a service on Warrior’s Forum or DigitalPoint.
  3. Create an Amazon Affiliate Website.
  4. Create Adsense Websites.
  5. Create Video Reviews linking to Affilate products
  6. Create your own product out of PLR material & sell it.
  7. Start a list and market to them.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, and I know that I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. How many times have you heard someone say: [Read more…]

Can You Master Your Emotions?

Angry ManThe true answer for honest people is no – you can’t master your emotions… but most buying decisions are based on emotion. Think back to your last purchase… and identify what led you up to the point where you reached for your purse or wallet… And in most cases, it was emotion that led you there.

Now obviously, emotion isn’t the basis for every buying decision… I’m hungry, so I stock up at the grocery store. No emotion there… my car is low on gas, and I stop in at the gas station… so clearly, not everything is based on some emotion, but many buying decisions are.

For example: [Read more…]