Make Money With Your Own Product Fast!

ResearchOkay – so you want to make money … I’ll tell you now, it’s easier with your own product.

Half of the people reading just went into a panic – you think creating your own product is hard to do … no, it’s surprisingly simple to do. And I’m going to give you a detailed step by step plan to ‘build your own’ information product right here.

Step 1. Research

The first step is to do a little forum reading… you’re going to go to a forum or two on the general niche that you’re interested in. For example, if your general interest niche is the MMO (Make Money Online) niche – then you’ll be at home on the Warrior’s Forum, or DigitalPoint Forum. What you’ll do is start making a list of threads that pose a problem in your niche, and order it by how many responses.

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