MLM & ‘Business Opportunities’ – Avoid Like The Plague!

Let’s talk about MLM for a moment… there are many varieties of MLM – Multi-Level-Marketing … Avon, Amway, Tupperware are some very well known examples. The very first question I ask when I look at an MLM ‘opportunity’ – “What’s the Product?” And in a surprising number of cases, the product is the right to get others to do what you’re going to be doing… in other words, the ‘product’ in many cases is to get others to sell in your downline. It’s not about the product, it’s about getting other people to join under you, and do the same thing.

One of the more recent online MLM ‘opportunities’ is the Empower Network – and the real ‘opportunity’ that you’re getting is the ability to sucker other people into the same ‘opportunity’ to make money.

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