An Autoresponder Can Make You Rich!

The Money Is In The ListAccording to survey after survey, it takes an average of 8 visits to a website before a purchase is made. So you must be pro-active – you cannot rely on your visitor to return to your website, so offer them something of value, a free report, a correspondence course, something to convince them to give you their email address. Getting their email address is critical! Then the following 7 visits can be initiated by you, rather than by your potential customer. With a good autoresponder series of emails – you can develop a relationship with your visitors, and encourage them to purchase what you have to sell.

The Money Is In The List

How many times have you heard this assertion? The money is in the list… How many more times will you hear it before it sinks in? [Read more…]

Important? Or Not…

I’m often amused by other list builders – I subscribe and watch a number of them. (and if you’re not doing the same, you’re losing excellent free tutorials on how to do it right… or wrong.)

I’ve stated in my manual that the more your email series looks like just another email from a friend, the better off you’ll be… you’ll have higher open rates, and more trust from your list. One of the ways you look just like another ordinary friend is to use your NAME in the Name field. Let’s look at a small selection of today’s emails – and see what we can learn: [Read more…]

How Often Should You Email Your List?

This is a question that has just about as many answers as there are list owners…

But you’re going to be privileged to hear what I have to say on the topic…

Then you can ignore it – and do what you want to do anyway…  😆

First, let’s establish just what my goals are… because if you have different goals, you’re going to have a different way of approaching this topic. If you’ve been reading this blog, you may recall a post where I showed my preferred email series – it looks like this: [Read more…]