Why You MUST Track Your Traffic – In And Out!

I know I’ve said it time and time again, and in my manual List Lightning, I emphasized just how important it is to track every single action that takes place on your website… but let me do it again…

You must track everything – if you don’t track what’s happening, you can’t fix any problems that you don’t know you have!

For example – when I post on Digital Point Forum – I have a signature line that leads people back to BenHolmesOnline.com/dp – which is intercepted by my Adtrackz Gold – and the URL changed to go to my landing page. But more than merely redirecting – my tracking tells me how many people are coming from that forum. So if I’m spending equal time on two different forums, yet one forum delivers three times the traffic – it would seem obvious where to spend my posting efforts…  😀

Parento PrincipleParento’s Principle – well known among Internet Marketers – tells us that 80% of our money comes from just 20% of our efforts. Now, wouldn’t it make sense to try to discover just what that 20% consists of, and do more of it? When it comes to traffic it’s possible to do this… you may not always know just what – about your efforts – is converting more sales – but you can know what traffic methods are producing the most traffic. Wouldn’t it make more sense to concentrate your efforts on methods that work better than others?

If you read my manual, you know I speak highly of the WordPress plugin called Pretty Link – and if you cannot afford a more robust tracking solution – this will do you very well. I almost never put a link anywhere that doesn’t have a tracking code on it… I mentioned above my Digital Point Forum tracking code… it’s merely ‘dp’. For  other sources, I use two or three letter tracking codes similar to ‘dp’. You should do the same thing right from the beginning – because what I tell you works for me, might not work for you. Perhaps I write brilliant posts – that drive a lot of traffic – but do horrible videos, that drive very little… that might not be your experience. You may do wonderful videos, and have poor writing skills – we all have our strengths & weaknesses. So I can’t tell you what works for me, because it’s meaningless for you. You have to track your own traffic sources to find out.

You’ll notice that even here – when I reference a product, I’m using tracking codes – I want to know what visitors are finding worth clicking on – such knowledge can guide me to helping visitors more. (and of course, earning more money!)

Now, unless you purchase the Pro version of Pretty Link, or Adtrackz Gold – you won’t know your conversion and sales numbers. Free solutions like Pretty Link are only going to give you the raw number of clicks – it can’t match that traffic with what it does later. If you go with a paid solution – you’ll find out which traffic source is not only giving you the best traffic, but which one is giving you the best conversion and sales. It’s not unlikely that you’ll run into a situation where two similar traffic sources are giving you a nearly identical flow of traffic – but when you dig down into the stats, you might see that one of them is giving you 30% more opt-ins and sales than the other.

This sort of information is pure gold – because now you know where to spend your time. We all get the same number of hours in the day – if you can use your hours more profitably than your neighbor – then your bank account will soon be much bigger…

What’s your favorite tracking tool?