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If you do any reading, you’ll be familiar with the ‘Introduction’ to a good book – this post here is the introduction to – just a basic overview of what this site is all about. I’m going to explain in just one long post what this website will do for you.

The Basic Problem

There are actually three major problems that most people face when trying to earn some extra money online – I’m going to detail them here from personal experience. I’m sure that if you’ve made any efforts to earn some extra coin online – you’re going to be familiar with these problems – but I don’t know your level of knowledge, so I’d like to stick to the basics…

1. Information Overload

The first problem that most people face is a complete overload of information on how to earn money online. These methods are often touted as being a complete ‘push-button’ solution – merely requiring you to buy the product, then magically money will start appearing in your bank account. You read of so many different ways to make money – and each of them sounds more enticing and less work than the one before. A constant stream of MMO (Make Money Online) ideas is being offered everywhere you look online. You’ve undoubtedly run across such different methods of earning online as these…

  • Ebay
  • Fiver
  • Craigslist
  • Adsense Websites
  • Amazon Niche Sites
  • Clickbank Affiliate Sites
  • Squidoo Sites
  • Article Writing
  • List Building
  • Elance, Odesk, and similar…
  • CPA (Cost Per Action)
  • Cafe Press, Teespring and similar…
  • Survey Sites
Information Overload

This isn’t a complete or comprehensive list by any means, but I’ve been involved with most of these at one time or another, and can tell you than you’ll make money with any of these – provided you have the patience and the knowledge to do it right. But with all of these methods crowding around – who’s to say what is the best method? What will work for you? (Stay tuned – I’ll give you the answer!)

You need just three things to make money online… you need a Product, Conversions, and Traffic.

1. A Product – at the highest levels of earning, most people end up selling their own products – but to start with, you can sell affiliate products. Did you ever wonder why Clickbank sellers offer 50%-75% or even more to those affiliates who sell their product? They have two of the three things needed… they have a product that people want, they have an excellent conversion page to ‘sell’ visitors on buying their product… what they don’t have is traffic. So to start with, you won’t actually need a product… you’ll sell the solutions that other people have developed.

2. Conversions… just like a product, you aren’t going to need conversion ability either. Conversion is nothing more than the salesmanship that it takes to turn a looker into a buyer… 90% of the conversion from visitor to buyer is going to happen on the seller’s website – they have the professional sales copy (if they don’t – they don’t last very long!) Now it’s true that you can up the percentage of people that buy an affiliate product just a little with good preselling. But this is not a big factor, *most* of the conversion from visitor to buyer is going to happen at the seller’s sales page… you might nudge a visitor a little with your story of why he should buy… but not by much. So you won’t actually need conversions either. Others are going to supply the major impetus to buy.

3. Traffic – Now we get to the hard part! Products and conversions are really going to be taken care of by others… your only choice will be in selecting the best converting products for your niche… but if sellers could develop their own traffic, they wouldn’t need to pay 50% or more of the sales price to you, would they? So out of the three things needed for earning online – Products, Conversions, and Traffic – you really only need to supply the traffic.

Since any business you decide to get into online depends ENTIRELY on how much traffic you can develop, it only makes sense to concentrate your efforts on building up traffic. If you’ve been around Internet Marketing for any length of time, you’ve learned that the first thing you ask about a new method of earning online is “where’s the traffic come from?”

If you sell services or products through an established website such as Ebay or Amazon – you already know where the traffic is coming from – and then it truly matters how good your product and salesmanship are… but if you don’t have a product or service, then you’re going to be selling other people’s services or products. That means YOU have to find the traffic.

So how do you go about driving traffic to an affiliate offer?

That’s the $64,000 question, isn’t it?

2. Traffic Generation

Traffic FlowThe second most important problem after information overload is how to develop the traffic you need in order to earn money online. The ‘holy grail’ of all Internet efforts is to get targeted traffic – and the best targeted traffic of all is organic traffic. Organic traffic simply means that people have naturally clicked through to your site from a multitude of places, such as search results, forum posts, website comments, social links, ads, etc.

All of these links form your Internet ‘footprint’. The larger your footprint, the more organic natural traffic will flow to your website, and thus to your list and offers.

There are two types of traffic – free and paid. Paid traffic is virtually instantaneous and can be virtually as much traffic as you can pay for – but you can go broke very quickly if you don’t have a well-established method of turning that traffic into cash profitably. This is why paid traffic is virtually always a bad idea to start with – you need to learn the ropes first, you need to learn how to turn this traffic into money. Until you learn how to do this – buying traffic will only make you poor.

Free traffic, on the other hand – comes slowly. You’ll have to have patience, and a deep faith that your efforts will be rewarded. It can take a month or two before you begin seeing results. But I’m a big believer in ‘free’ – so what is the best foundation for developing this free organic traffic?

It’s not going to be a niche website with 5 pages…

It’s not going to be a landing page leading to your Aweber subscriber list…

It’s not going to be a Youtube video you’ve put up to send traffic to an Affiliate offer…

The only platform that will serve to attract lots of organic targeted traffic is an Authority Blogging Website.

So by developing an Authority Blogging Website – you’ll evade the largest problem most Online Marketer’s face – how to get traffic. You’ll be providing unique content that answers people’s questions and searches – and you can turn this traffic into money in a number of different ways.

3. Patience & Knowledge

Patience & KnowledgeThe third problem that most people have is a lack of knowledge, and more importantly, a lack of patience. I’m here to tell you that there’s no ‘push-button’ solution. There isn’t any software you can buy that you merely click a button – and money will start spewing forth. This idea is for dreamers… and you’re better off going out and buying a lottery ticket.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who earn their living online now – and you can do the same. I’ve seen teenagers who will never ‘work’ a day in their life – simply because they put up a website and learned how to make it pay off for them.

One of the major problems is that most people don’t know anyone who earns a living online – all of your neighbors and friends all work for a living. I don’t know of any way to instill in others the knowledge and patience I’ve learned – except to tell you that it is possible to earn online.

Three Major Problems – What’s The Solution?

The solution to information overload is to stop – STOP!!

Stop buying new MMO products that promise you the moon.

Stop buying new manuals on how to do this or that.

Stop reading on any MMO method other than your chosen strategy.

Just stop!

As one wag put it, you can’t earn money by buying other people’s products!

And then start working on only one method. You can choose any strategy you wish to earn online – but the one I recommend and teach is a combination of creating an Authority Blogging website, then utilize that traffic to build a list.


I have just one authority site in my portfolio of websites right now – it’s in a rather minor niche market – but it ranks #1 for it’s main keyword – and has done so since I built it in 2001. It ranks for hundreds of other long-tail key phrases, and brings in completely targeted organic traffic day in and day out.

And I built it completely by mistake!

At the time I first built it, I had no idea that it would be the massive presence that it is online now… there’s *NO* website that challenges it for it’s first place setting – simply because my site offers more unique content than any other site in it’s specific niche.

I actually went out and got *one* link from a PR6 website… (a good friend of mine) – That was the extent of my backlinking. Even today I think it has no more than a few dozen links that came in naturally, by people linking to my content.

I’m still learning lessons from that website… And perhaps the major lesson is that you can’t fool Google for long… you can try and try and try to get around what Google wants to see – and you may succeed for a short time – but the next algorithm change will drop your site. Google is the overpowering presence that it is because it does one thing really well – it gives people really good results for their searches.

And what do people searching want?  An answer to their question, of course!

So how do you get really good organic natural searches? How do you get a flood of traffic? Start giving people what they want!

As Zig Ziglar, a famous salesman and motivation speaker once said: “You can have all you want out of life, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.

Reverse the common strategy, and start trying to help people. Instead of trying to make money, try to help others solve their problems.  And when you offer unique answers to what people are searching for, you’ll start getting subscribers to your list, and you’ll start making affiliate sales naturally.

This strategy is often followed purely by accident by the really good Amazon niche sites (minus the list building) – where unique and useful reviews are posted – leading people to buy at Amazon. And the really profitable Amazon niche sites are not the small 5-10 pages sites, but the larger 50-100+ page sites.

I know of at least two authority blogging sites that both mentioned their focus on solving people’s problems, instead of trying to sell affiliate products – and as a result, their websites succeeded in attracting thousands of visitors, and earning them a great deal of money.

HOW MUCH MONEY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT? A good authority website with thousands of daily visitors is going to be earning anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 or more every month. Really top-flight authority sites garner $50,000+ a month in revenue.

People don’t care how much money you earn online. Let me repeat that: People don’t care how much money you earn online.

Even your mother probably doesn’t care… 🙂 but what people DO care about is finding the answers to their problems. So if you can put together a website with unique content – that answers people’s problems, you’re going to make money.

Traffic can always be monetized, and I’ll show you here how to get traffic (it’s going to be easy once you have unique and readable content!), and how to monetize it.  I’ve chosen Blogging as my main online business for several reasons – it’s an actual business that provides value in the form of information, and it naturally develops the most important asset of any online marketer.

Traffic – The key ingredient to most methods of earning online income – and the most elusive!

It has become the most frequent question asked of any new online method of making money (check any MMO forum if you don’t believe me!) – where do you get your traffic?

By creating an Authority Blogging site – you’ll develop unique and interesting content – that will drive it’s own traffic through online searches… you’ll then capture that traffic by getting them to subscribe – and then you’ll monetize that list with affiliate offers. By concentrating all your efforts on building this foundation – you’ll have a business that will allow you to retire at any age.

P.S. If you’ve never put up a WordPress site before – I have a Step by Step WordPress Installation Guide just for you!

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