Smart Or A Sucker – Which One Are You?

Do You Work Dumb or Do You Work Smart?

SuckerThe average person got suckered a long ago… I know, I was one of them.  We grew up with the idea that you get hired at job, you work, and then you get paid.  You work, you get paid; you work, you get paid. Getting a job was always a prerequisite to getting paid.  Your pay is in exact proportion to the time you have invested.  Work 40 hours a week, get a full-time paycheck.  Work less, get paid less…

This is the paradigm for most people – it’s just the way things are.

You’ve been brainwashed to believe that pay is directly related to the time you spend working. Without any actual work performed, you think that you should not get any pay.  But even back in the days of the caveman – a few of the smarter people had a better idea.  If you had a skill that other people needed, you could rest and relax for most of the time, and only ‘work’ when your particular skill was needed. But during the times you weren’t doing anything, you still got ‘paid’. Instead of trading your time for pay, you learn to trade your skill for pay.

For example, in caveman days (yes, I was there, I remember… :roll: ) the cave’s shaman got to sit around all day, claiming that he was examining his ‘visions’, while the rest of us went out and hunted mammoth for dinner. This was a very slick move on his part, he had managed to get paid (food, housing, respect) for his skill in managing problems. The rest of us still had to get our hunting permit, find that mammoth, write the environmental impact study, get lucky enough to kill it, skin it, carry the meat back to our cave, and cook it. Our shaman just held out his hand for his share…

Writers already know this trick of trading their skill rather than their time.  Do you think if Tom Clancy takes a month’s vacation in Europe, that his royalty checks stop coming? Company owners are in the same boat as well – they’ve created an entity that continues to function, and continues to earn money, whether they work 60 hours a week, or whether they work 6 hours a week. Granted, most company owners are ‘workaholics’, and would rather be at work than anyplace else… but this doesn’t necessarily apply to the rest of us. I know I would rather be doing quite a few other things than going into work 5 days a week.  How about you? Would you like to eliminate the connection between the amount of time you work, and your payment for your work?  I know I would!

One of the ways that you can continue to receive income long after you’ve done ‘work’ is in creating a website and building a list.  You’ll be able to market to your list time and time again – and once you’ve built your website platform, and set up your autoresponder – the majority of your work is done.

By building a list, you’ve stopped trading a paycheck for the time you work, to receiving a paycheck for your skill. Yes, building a list is a long-term project – you can’t do it quickly – but the rewards will last a lifetime. By building your own list of customers whom you can market to time and time again – you’ll have built up a business that doesn’t utilize the old equation of ‘time=money’. You’ll have jumped into the world where you don’t have to trade your time for money.

How about you?  Do you have a goal that will allow you to say goodbye to the ‘8 to 5’ grind?  Would you like to be able to get up when you feel like it, travel when you feel like it, and live anywhere you want?  Would you really like to accomplish what you see those Internet Marketing Ebooks talk about?  Being self-employed is the best cure for a lean wallet, but it takes time to build up a successful and fat money stream.  Many list builders have stated that their true success was a year in coming.  It takes time to put things together, it takes a lot of your spare time – which means you’re going to have to turn off the T.V., and spend some time in front of a computer just typing away.

It’s easy to get distracted too! It’s easy to call it ‘research’ when you go running around the Internet reading what others wrote – but what you read isn’t putting money in your wallet – it’s what you accomplish (or in my case, it’s what I actually write).  Building a list of customers isn’t the only way you can change your pay from time spent, to a skill you have.  But if you’re reading this – you already have the basic necessities to do so – a computer, and a connection to the Internet. What else you need you can find on this website…

The choice is yours…

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