Say Goodbye To SEO – Good Riddance!

No SeoThose of you who come from any background of owning a website know full well the constant battles with SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Getting backlinks, finding just the right keywords – writing and re-writing your posts to get the right keyword usage percentage, getting backlinks, linking all your inner pages, getting backlinks… hmm… constant fighting over backlinks, right?

But no more!

As you learn to build your list – SEO is now a thing of the past. If you blog on your site – just sit down and let the words flow – no need to carefully craft the post so that it will rank high for this keyword or that keyword. Now you can simply write for the sake of informing and entertaining your visitors. I’m not concerned with any SERP rankings anymore – because this website is not a major part of my traffic methodology.

I’ve broken away from the past enslavement to Google.

I really don’t care if Google indexes me or not… well, that’s not precisely true… I write articles and post them here first – wait for Google to index them, then – and only then I’ll repurpose the article for other venues. This way, my website still gets the credit for originality… so in a sense, I still care just a tad for SEO. Because I can see down the road that this site could easily become an ‘authority’ site – based on the simple idea that I’m writing for the visitors, and not for any current SEO ideas of how to game Google.

Far more important than trying for rankings in Google is the numbers:

The All Important Numbers

You need to be tracking your numbers… and there’s really just four of them that you should have a grasp on all the time… because by improving any of these four numbers means that your income will go up. They are:

  • Incoming Traffic to Your Landing Page
  • Number of Opt-ins to Your List
  • Number of Sales of Your Product
  • Average Value of Your Customers

Let’s go over these one by one…

#1. Incoming Traffic – clearly, the most important number other than conversions – this number is quite critical to your success… the more people hitting your landing page on a daily basis, the better you’re going to do financially. You should have a goal in mind – and keep working every day to hit it. The very first goal is to get your first 100 visitors a day… it’s going to be difficult indeed to be financially profitable if you can’t drive 100 people a day to your site. This number will fluctuate up and down… but you should see a steady improvement in your traffic numbers – if you don’t – stop and look at why not. Traffic should be a good mix of both paid and free traffic sources, and the more varied the sources, the better off your list building will turn out to be.

#2. Number of Opt-ins – This is the one number that list owners like to brag about … and if you can produce a landing page with over 60% opt-ins: you deserve bragging rights!  😀  But don’t settle for anything less than 40%. Traffic is hard enough to get, you want to make the best use of it. If your numbers start to fall, then change your landing page. If you’re split testing all the time, as you should be – you’ll stay ahead of the curve. When you’re doing your forum posting every day – click on other people’s sig links – and keep an eye out for what’s new in landing page design. Don’t try to innovate – but if you see something that you think might be working for someone else – put it into one of your split page tests… and by doing this – you’ll be on the cutting edge of landing page design.

#3. Number of Sales – Here I’m referring to your original funnel… now, if you don’t have your own product in place – and are using an affiliate product – you’re not going to be able to use this number – since you never really know when the sale was made. But if you have your own products in the funnel – this is where you can keep an eye out – and be ready to raise or lower prices to boost sales. Don’t automatically think that lowering the price is the right way to go – sometimes a higher perceived value will result in more sales. If your sales start to drop – you might consider adding more bonuses – or even changing out your product. Products can get ‘worn out’ if they become popular…

#4. Average Value – this is a simple number to determine… Take your total sales each month, and divide it by how many people are on your list at the end of the month. If you cleared $3,267 last month, and you have 4,639 people on your list, then your average customer value is a little over 70 cents. If you have a 40% opt-in rate, this would mean that you’d make a profit in the first month if you could buy traffic at 28 cents or less per person. The reality is that a customer on your list will almost certainly be there for a year or more… so you’d take that 70 cents, multiply it by 12 months… to come up with $8.40 – now, knowing that your opt-in rate is 40% – you multiply your opt-in rate with your yearly customer value – which comes to $3.36 – so on a yearly basis, you’ll make money if you can pay less than $3.36 per visitor.

Obviously, if you paid $3.36 to get someone to your site, and only 40% of them subscribed, this means you’d be paying $8.40 for each opt-in – who would only result in … yes… $8.40 of average purchases over a years time.

You’d break even.

Clearly breaking even is something you don’t want to do! So knowing your average value of each customer can help you determine how much money you would be willing to spend to get them to come to your landing page, and how quickly you’ll end up profiting from that customer.

So these are the important numbers to track… you also want to pay attention to other numbers, such as how many outgoing clicks you get on your email series – but the important numbers you need are right here.  SEO has no real meaning to the list builder… you can certainly build up your blogging site for additional traffic – but it will never be more than a small percentage of your traffic going into your landing funnel.

When a new search engine comes along that indexes and ranks landing pages – there’ll be a new rush to go back to SEO principles – but until that time… no thanks!

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