Say Goodbye To Google!

Google UpdatesGoogle has long been the online company with the biggest bite. If Google smiles on your websites, you can make a tremendously profitable lifestyle with affiliate websites. But then comes along one of their updates, Buffy, Dewey, Vince, Caffeine, Venice, Penguin, Panda… and many others… and your thousands of dollars of income drop to $50 a month…

Or similarly, you have a good business on Ebay, and they suddenly change the rules of the game… Wham! … there goes your business.

How Do You Avoid These Slapdowns?

You must structure your online money earning business so as to not rely on other companies for traffic or key parts of your business. And the one business that anyone can get into without any products of their own to sell – yet make very good money – is email marketing to your own list.

If you earn money online, it’s only a matter of time until you gravitate towards creating and using your own list – why not start there instead?

You’ll need the same set of skills for any online business…

  • How to put up a website.
  • How to build a list building funnel.
  • How to utilize Aweber or GetResponse.
  • How to write good copy.
  • How to transfer your funds from Paypal to your Bank account.

These aren’t difficult skills to learn – and indeed are far easier than many job requirements. You’re probably working in a job right now that requires far more knowledge and skill to be employed than are needed to earn your living online.

The only major difference between an online business and your daily job is the amount of time it takes before you start earning money. I can go get hired today, and I’ll have a paycheck just two weeks from today in most jobs… But if I were to start an online business today – presuming that I already knew everything I need to know – I might not get into the black for several months. For many people, there’s also a learning curve involved. Last, and not least by any means – making money online usually requires that you spend some money first… Buying a domain name and hosting are just two of the common expenses involved.

So it’s not something that many people are comfortable with – because it’s not your experience. When you got your first job out of school, you didn’t have to pay someone to get the job, you didn’t have to wait months for money to start rolling in, and you were reasonably confident that the money would come.

It’s This Lack Of Belief In The Power Of An Online Business That You Need To Overcome.

But once you accept that you can make money online – the money is on it’s way… you just have to get a plan, learn the ropes, and get started. I will be happy to help you. If you have questions about list building, I invite you to ask questions – my contact page info is at the bottom of every page on this site.

Staying away from the huge bite of Google isn’t easy – Google has such an overriding presence online these days – and I use Google email, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Google Keyword Tool, etc… so it’s difficult to really stay away from Google. But the key is that you must structure a business so that you don’t rely on Google. This is where list building really shines – for as you build your list – you market to your list – and Google is no-where to be seen. Nor is Amazon, or Ebay, or any other entity that can by a simple rule change completely destroy your business.

Are you ready to begin?

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Online since the late '90's, I built my first website in 2001 - coding it on notepad. Times have changed, haven't they? Active on the Warrior's Forum and Facebook - I spend most of my time teaching people how to build their first list - and market to their subscribers. Do you have a list yet?

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