Pingback Traffic – Helping Yourself By Helping Others…

Mr. TOne of the really nifty ways you can get traffic is built-in to the WordPress platform. It’s a feature known as a ‘Pingback’. The way it works is simple:

  • You make a post on your website – and you reference by URL a post on someone else’s website.
  • WordPress will now go and notify that other website that you just linked to it.
  • The other website will come back, and verify that there’s a link… then let the Webmaster know that there’s a new Pingback in the comments section to approve.

If you aren’t using Pingbacks, and making real efforts to link to other sites – you’ll be leaving traffic on the table – instead of coming to your site. When you’re creating posts, you should be doing research online – and whenever you see a good post on the topic, you should link to that post. This is a two-way street … you have to give in order to get. But it’s worth the time!

Now, be careful – do not link to the homepage. A website’s homepage doesn’t have comments – so you’ve just given someone a link for free. Only link to individual posts where you can see that the website offers pingbacks in their comment section.

Now, before I continue, are you confused on the difference between Pingbacks and Trackbacks? Many people use the two terms interchangeably – but they are different, and utilize different protocols. It’s really beyond the scope of this short article to go into much detail – but in essence, Pingbacks were created to solve some of the problems that came with Trackbacks. Since trackbacks weren’t monitored by the website, people started abusing trackbacks to get unwarranted links back to their site.

There are three things you need to do first… In your WordPress Dashboard, go to Settings, then ‘Discussion’. Right at the top, you should see these settings… Make sure that all three are checked. I also verify all comments before they are posted, and you’ll see quite a bit of spam for all your efforts. But the traffic will be worth it, trust me!
Wordpress Discussion Settings

Next, when you are at the Edit Post menu – you’ll see a tab at the top right that says ‘Screen Options. Go ahead and click it, and ensure that ‘Discussions’ are checked. Your screen options may differ from mine, since it’s created by the various plugins that you use. Just make sure that what you want to view when editing a post is checked.
Wordpress Screen Options

Now that you’ve set everything up, there’s only one last thing to check… when you create and edit your individual posts – you have the ability to allow or disallow Pingbacks & Trackbacks on an individual post level. It will look like this:

Post Discussion Settings
Obviously, make sure that you’ve checked the boxes – and now you’re set. Simply put a link to a relevant website that allows pingbacks – and your WordPress software will take care of the rest. Do this from time to time, and you’ll start getting traffic from other relevant sites…

This is one of the tricks for traffic that isn’t quick – you won’t see thousands of visitors next month – but over a year or two of constantly doing this – you’ll be amazed at how much traffic will be coming from other websites. Use this in conjunction with posting comments on other websites – and you’ll see results.

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