Dozens of Websites – All Making You Money

Sound good?

There’s a few people on the Warren Forum that have dozens, even, in some cases, hundreds of websites – all busy earning them a few dollars (or even $50+) each month. Now, I hate to think about the SEO required to keep such a network of websites going… fresh content from time to time, new backlinks appearing so that Google believes them to be active…

But in list building – you don’t need quantity – you need quality. [Read more…]

Important? Or Not…

I’m often amused by other list builders – I subscribe and watch a number of them. (and if you’re not doing the same, you’re losing excellent free tutorials on how to do it right… or wrong.)

I’ve stated in my manual that the more your email series looks like just another email from a friend, the better off you’ll be… you’ll have higher open rates, and more trust from your list. One of the ways you look just like another ordinary friend is to use your NAME in the Name field. Let’s look at a small selection of today’s emails – and see what we can learn: [Read more…]

How Often Should You Email Your List?

This is a question that has just about as many answers as there are list owners…

But you’re going to be privileged to hear what I have to say on the topic…

Then you can ignore it – and do what you want to do anyway…  😆

First, let’s establish just what my goals are… because if you have different goals, you’re going to have a different way of approaching this topic. If you’ve been reading this blog, you may recall a post where I showed my preferred email series – it looks like this: [Read more…]

Gmail Spam – And Why It Can Kill Your Business…

If you’ve done what I recommend in my manual – List Lightning (and indeed, what is only common sense): you’ve subscribed to your own list. And if you’re careful about your business, you’re keeping an eye on your spam folder – to make sure that none of your newsletter emails end up there.

But even the very best list marketers can end up there… [Read more…]

Say Goodbye To SEO – Good Riddance!

No SeoThose of you who come from any background of owning a website know full well the constant battles with SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Getting backlinks, finding just the right keywords – writing and re-writing your posts to get the right keyword usage percentage, getting backlinks, linking all your inner pages, getting backlinks… hmm… constant fighting over backlinks, right?

But no more!

As you learn to build your list – SEO is now a thing of the past. [Read more…]

Say Goodbye To Google Analytics – Hello To Piwik!

You don’t need to be paranoid to realize that Google is everywhere – and perhaps learning just too much about what everyone does online. But their products are so tempting! How anyone could do without their Analytics – if you own a website – is beyond me. Particularly when you’re in the business of list building.

You need to know [Read more…]

No More Google Love…

50 Ways To Make Google Love Your WebsiteThere’s a fundamental difference between those who build lists, and those who build websites.

The traditional method requires finding an EMD – an Exact Match Domain name, partnering it with carefully keyworded articles, built in a SILO style, then backlinking from directories, social sites, Web 2.0 properties, and video sites.

Traffic is – for all intents and purposes – only coming from one site – Google… and the intent is to show Google so much love that they’ll shower your site with high rankings, even the holy grail, the number 1 spot on the first page. [Read more…]

Landing Pages Made Easy… Squeeze Those Email Addresses!

Having problems creating a landing Page? Even with a decent knowledge of HTML – it can be difficult to get all the elements of a good landing page put together. Now, I suspect that you’ve seen mine… (if you haven’t, click here to look at it – it will open in a new window) Would you believe that I put these sort of landing pages together in about one minute? I probably spend more time thinking about the headline than I do actually creating the landing page. But I cheat… I use Juan Morales’ WordPress plugin: Epic Squeeze – it’s easy to use. It’s already integrated with these Autoresponders:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp
  • Ebizac
  • 1ShoppingCart

It does the stunning ‘background’ images… and it will locate the images for you! It has a built in search that goes out and finds these nice graphics… then ‘under the hood’ – it will save it to your WordPress site – all ready to go. You don’t do anything! It’s a real point and click solution! Now, there’s no need to go into all the features – you can look at them yourself by clicking for the Epic Squeeze Benefits Page – I’d just like to highlight a few that I like… it has the opacity control that you only find on the higher end squeeze page builders… I like that. Your optin box will blend so that you can see the background image shining partially through. It’s a really neat effect! It has the ability to send non-premium traffic to a separate squeeze page! You want to filter your lists so you have one list of only American, Canadian, UK, and Australian visitors? Epic Squeeze can do it. GeoTargeting is built in… have you ever seen a squeeze page that said:

Only 3 Packages Left For The Los Angeles Area

… and you’re sitting in Los Angeles? Makes it kinda urgent that you sign up, doesn’t it? All based on the IP address of the visitor. Built in Exit Pops… I don’t use ’em on my landing pages, because there’s traffic sources that don’t like popup scripts – but it’s a handy feature if I decide to separate out my landing pages based on traffic source… Built in ‘submit’ buttons… all the common varieties are here – you won’t need to look around for squeeze page graphics… of course, you can still use your own if you like. These are just a few of the features I like. Now, to be honest, I have to tell you that Juan has a Lite version that goes for about half the price… but the Lite version doesn’t have the GeoTargeting or the advanced stats tracking. But those features – for me at least – I’m perfectly willing to pay full price for. What do you think? Click Here To See The Full Benefits Page. Be sure to watch all the Youtube videos on that page… you’ll learn alot!

Overwhelmed? Here’s The Solution!

Done For You WebsiteIf you’ve purchased List Lightning – you know that I give you just 10 simple steps to follow – and for me, these were easy – because I’ve done all of this stuff before… I’ve built websites, I’ve written books, I’ve sold online, I’ve driven traffic… none of this is a secret to me.

And it won’t be a secret to you much longer… You’ll learn how to put up a site, how to do simple HTML, how to write emails, headlines, landing pages…

But maybe you’re in a hurry – and don’t want to wait until you learn how yourself.

This is where Michelle will step in and help you. She’ll do all the hard work for you… because in list building, setting up the foundation of your money funnel is the hardest and most technological thing you have to do – so let Michelle do it for you!

Click Here For Michelle’s Offer

What you’ll do is give Michelle your login & password to your Hostgator & Autoresponder – what she’ll do is this… she’ll set up your site, give you a free report to give away, load up your Autoresponder, and you’ll be ready to start driving traffic.

Here’s what you get:

  • No lousy PLR! The Free Report Has Been Written By Michelle
  • A Great Looking High Converting Optin Page
  • A Thankyou / Download Page With An OTO Affiliate Offer
  • Matching Report Layout
  • Royalty Free or Licensed Images
  • Unique Professional Squeeze Page Copy That Converts
  • Website Upload /Setup Installation On Your Hosting
  • Upload / Setup Of Emails On Your Autoresponder
  • Solo Ad Copy To Promote Your New List With Solo Ad Vendors
  • You Also Get 20 Relationship / Content Follow-Up Emails
  • 10 Affiliate Promo Emails For 10 WSO or Clickbank Affiliate Programs

Click Here For Michelle’s Offer

If learning and building your own site seem just too overwhelming to you – let Michelle cut out most of the work for you. I really don’t want to leave you with any excuse not to setup your financial future with list building – so if having Michelle do all the heavy work for you is the key – then let’s start making money!

Blogging On Your Website – A Necessity?

Eating CrowOkay folks – time for me to eat a little crow… In my soon to be revised manual – List Lightning – I recommended that you spend more time building your list than in doing anything with blogging on your website. Guess what … I was wrong.

As I’ve pointed out a number of times – the best way to learn is to follow other successful marketers – and learn from them – both what they do right, and what they do wrong. I pointed out before that the list is the important thing – and that any blogging that you do is entirely secondary to building your list. To some extent, I still think this is correct – between blogging and list building, blogging certainly comes second.

But I now believe that it’s imperative to create  your own blog – and post on it. Largely because of one thing – and one thing only… email open rates. The concept is simple, you stop selling to your list through your emails. Put a majority of your sales efforts on your website, and only refer your list to your website when it’s appropriate to do so. This allows you to concentrate on sending your list good content – and not have your Autoresponder sending day after day of boringly repetitive sales pitches… have you checked your emails lately? I know I get quite a few sales pitches.

And the emails I read virtually all the time are the very few marketers who are not pitching me something on every single email.

So I’m actually firing up my website for blogging, and not just to host my landing pages… it’ll take a while to catch up – had I been doing this all along – I’d be much further along. On the other hand, I’ve seen some really excellent list building blogs that don’t have more than a dozen or so posts… so perhaps I can catch up…  😉

When I can get to it, I’ll be revising my List Lightning manual to include these newer insights… but the basic fundamentals haven’t changed. You need to build a list, you need to build rapport with your list, and you need to monetize your list.

Now, for those of you who will instantly come to the conclusion that you don’t have anything to say – that’s simply not true. I find so many topics to talk about that I just don’t have time to type it all in. And if I ever needed another topic – I’d just type “list building” into Google – go to someone’s blog or to a forum, and read… I’d quickly come up with more ideas – and then I simply type it in my own words.

While it would be easy to ‘cut & paste’ – that’s simply not going to cut the mustard… you need to re-write whatever catches your eye.

The big advantage that I have over people who are trying to earn a living with blogging – is that I don’t care if anyone ever finds this blog through a search engine… I don’t need to do any particular SEO work – or build links, or research keywords… all of those sorts of things are a necessity when building a site that must stand on its own… but this site is only a support tool for my list – and even though people can get on my list through this site – that’s not the primary method I have for list building.

So if you’ve fired up your list building efforts and ignored your website based on my say so… I’m sitting here eating crow. I take back what I previously recommended – and now encourage everyone to build their site up as more than a place to stuff landing pages and tracking tools.

Mmmm… crow tastes good…

What do you think?