No More Google Love…

50 Ways To Make Google Love Your WebsiteThere’s a fundamental difference between those who build lists, and those who build websites.

The traditional method requires finding an EMD – an Exact Match Domain name, partnering it with carefully keyworded articles, built in a SILO style, then backlinking from directories, social sites, Web 2.0 properties, and video sites.

Traffic is – for all intents and purposes – only coming from one site – Google… and the intent is to show Google so much love that they’ll shower your site with high rankings, even the holy grail, the number 1 spot on the first page.

While other forms of traffic aren’t disdained – the entire purpose of the traditional forms is to rank high in Google, take the traffic, and attempt to convert it – either with Clickbank products, or Amazon Products, or perhaps even try to sell directly something from the site.

I suspect many of us have been there.  (I know I have…)

And terrified each time a new algorithm change was in the offing at Google. Because for most people, Google’s changes didn’t improve their site rankings, it could only hurt it.

What I want you to notice here though – is the traffic mentality… you’re going out and trying to drive traffic directly through website SEO to rank high in searches.

And this sort of traffic mentality is a necessity for the sort of websites that many of us used to work with.

But No More… Times Have Changed!

In list building – everything is turned upside down… you don’t try to get traffic directly to your site – indeed, if you’re using a landing page – that’s virtually impossible. What keywords could you possibly be the most relevant website for?  ‘Click Here‘ maybe? :roll:

With list building – we know that SEO tactics have no place in our primary traffic activities. Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t spend some time doing proper SEO on your blog website – and pick up some traffic that way – what I’m saying is that this is quite definitely secondary to our primary traffic methodology… which is to go where the traffic already is, and bleed off a little for ourselves. This is why forum posting, guest blogging, and media buys are all of such importance right behind the number one method – solo ads.

Solo ads of course, will always be a mainstay of list building – this is created traffic. But all the other methods that you’ll use are based around finding where traffic currently is – and try to siphon some of it off for yourself. You’ll do this with clickable links & banners.

It’s an upside down world – you really don’t need to give Google any more love – you can throw away your fancy and expensive backlinking tools – because your primary income is not going to be based on how high your website ranks in Google.

Now your best tools are going to be your personal list of best solo ad providers … and a good set of banners to use in media buys. Because now you’re looking for where the traffic already is – you’re not trying to create traffic out of the SERPS as you did before. Life is so much simpler now – and I can only wish those who rely on Google the best of luck.

I don’t need it anymore…

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