Making Google Happy With Your Blog…

I continue to insist that SEO is not a game I need to play anymore… particularly since Google will NEVER put any of my landing pages in the top 1,000 pages or so… this means that the traffic methods I’ll be largely using have nothing in common with the sort of traffic methods that I used to use as an Amazon Affiliate.

But if you’re using your blog to enhance your list building efforts, you still want to make Google happy… watch this video to see why…

Now that you’ve viewed the video – let me explain what I just did… Yes, I gave you interesting content that explains how to make Google happy – because one of the important criteria that Google uses is the bounce rate, and now you have some ideas about how to lower your bounce rate.

But I didn’t solve my bounce rate with this video … indeed, you may still ‘bounce’ from this page … but another thing that Google looks at is time on site. If you watched the video – and many of you do… you just added to my average time on site. Google doesn’t care what you’re doing – it only cares how long you spent doing it… spending a long time reading excellent content – or watching an embedded video – Google doesn’t know, and Google doesn’t care. It’s only noticed that when it sent someone to this site – they spent a longer than average time here. So what can you take from this?

Use videos when you can… and as the video describes – look for a dropdown plugin – and think of how to integrate it into your site. With WordPress, you don’t even need to install a video plugin, all you do is put the Youtube URL on your post or page, on it’s own line – and make sure it’s not hyperlinked. (as it probably will be when you first cut & paste.) The more videos you have on your site, the longer the average person will stay… the longer the average person stays, the more Google believes that your website is ‘relevant’ to the keywords it used to send someone there… and the more relevant Google believes your site to be – the higher up in the SERPS you’ll get – and thus more traffic.

Make sure you have a good pop-up in place to take advantage of this new massive flow of traffic you’ll be getting!  😀

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