Make Money With Your Own Product Fast!

ResearchOkay – so you want to make money … I’ll tell you now, it’s easier with your own product.

Half of the people reading just went into a panic – you think creating your own product is hard to do … no, it’s surprisingly simple to do. And I’m going to give you a detailed step by step plan to ‘build your own’ information product right here.

Step 1. Research

The first step is to do a little forum reading… you’re going to go to a forum or two on the general niche that you’re interested in. For example, if your general interest niche is the MMO (Make Money Online) niche – then you’ll be at home on the Warrior’s Forum, or DigitalPoint Forum. What you’ll do is start making a list of threads that pose a problem in your niche, and order it by how many responses.

For example, I find a tremendous amount of interest when I see threads about how to get traffic to your affiliate site. Anytime someone posts on how to drive traffic to their affiliate offer – I’ll see dozens of people commenting on how to do it, or asking questions about the topic. So for me, this shows that this topic has a great deal of interest – and if I write an ebook on how to get traffic – people will be interested in purchasing it.

After selecting a possible subniche topic that people are asking about – go to Clickbank, Rapbank, JVZoo, and all other info product sites that you’re familiar with – does this topic have other products that are being sold?

If you can’t find anyone else selling information on the topic – perhaps it’s simply not something that people are willing to pay for… While you might have stumbled on a topic that you’ll be the first to reap a fortune with – the odds aren’t in your favor. If I wanted to open a fast food joint, I’d stick with the traditional favorites such as pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, etc… I wouldn’t try to do something that no-one else was doing. So make sure that at least a few other info products exist, and appear to be making sales.

Now, this research phase doesn’t take long… I can get new ideas for products in an hour or less… so don’t think that you need to spend days, weeks, or months in research … all you need is a topic that people are actively interested in, and are willing to pay you to provide a workable answer… Make sure you boil down the subniche topic as closely as you can… not “How Do I Make Money Online”, but something like “How Can I Use Free Web 2.0 Sites To Build Affiliate Income”, or “How Can I Build Traffic To My Website Without Spending Any Money”. You want to be as specific as you can with what you’re going to answer in your info product.

Step 2. Solve The Problem

Solving the ProblemNow comes what most people think of as the hard part … there’s several options at this point. Generally speaking, when people pose questions online, you’ll also see answers given, even if they aren’t in great detail. Your task will be to take those answers and go into greater detail. One excellent way to do this is to do a ‘case study’ – where you actually drive more traffic using your preferred methods that you’ll describe – for example. By collecting up the answers that you see in forums, and greatly expanding them, you’ll have an info product that people will want. Don’t underestimate the power of giving people detailed step by step answers… what seems obvious to you might not be very clear to your customers.

Another easy way to ‘solve the problem’ is to simply purchase Private Label Rights – an ebook on the topic that already has the answers… and reword and rewrite it… or pay someone on Fiverr to do a minor rewrite. Change the title, create a new ebook cover – and wham! You have your new product! It’s simply not as difficult as you’d think to come up with the answers to questions… they are out there online in the same place the questions are!! On forums, on websites, in article directories… The answers are all around you – and people will pay you to collect everything on the topic, and boil it down into a usable format.

Solving the problem isn’t very difficult – it just takes a bit of time. Now, if you find out everything yourself, and do a ‘case study’, and write it up yourself, it may take a few weeks… but if you work with PLR material, you can have everything finished in a few days time. It’s just not that difficult, yet people will pay you money if you can solve their problem for them.

Step 3. Optional Upsell

Now, you’ve actually finished at this point – but depending on what your info product is, you might want to consider an optional upsell – perhaps the information re-packaged as a set of videos. This won’t necessarily apply to all info products – but there’s a surprising number of people willing to pay a higher price to watch you solve a problem in a video format. So this is purely optional, but it’s worth thinking about. And in some arenas – it’s a natural… for example, teaching people how to put up their own WordPress site – it would be much faster and more helpful if you simply used Camtasia (or similar video program) to video you putting up a WordPress site from scratch.

So while this is strictly optional – always consider how you can repackage the work (you’ve already done in solving a problem) ┬áinto another format that you can sell as a separate product – this gives you more bang for the buck – you’ve created two or more products from the same research and work.

Now, was this really as difficult as you first thought it would be?

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