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Are you interested in learning how to actually build a real business online?  You can download a 16 page guide detailing the startup costs for building an online income for yourself. Find out today how to get started! You might be quite surprised at how easy it can be...

If you've been around Internet Marketing forums - you've heard many times that old saying: "The Money Is In The List" - and they ain't lying!

Building a list of customers is the quickest way to real income online - you don't need to worry about what products to sell them - you'll be selling other people's products to begin with. If you want to get started today - just click the button!

Building a list of customers - and selling to them time and time again - is a perfectly valid and wonderful business model. You can make a tremendous amount of money this way. You could also earn absolutely nothing.

What's the difference between making a lot of money, and making no money? In my opinion, learning and perseverance. Most people will take the information I provide, and do little or nothing with it - and you can't earn money if you don't put in the work. That's something that everyone intuitively understands... there are teenagers earning a full-time income with a list - there's no reason you can't do so as well.

Some people imagine a shorter time-frame - they think that by building a list, they'll be earning $100/day in just 2 weeks, or a month. You should realistically prepare to spend anywhere from several months to a full year or more - and it depends entirely on where you're starting from.

If you already have websites online, and know the basics of affiliate marketing & copy-writing skills, it's not improbable that you could be looking at a full-time income in a matter of a few short months... but if you've never installed Wordpress, don't know what an autoresponder is, and cannot write persuasive copy - yes, it's going to take longer.

Please understand that there are no guarantees. I don't know your level of ability, I certainly don't know how dedicated you are to building your own online business. It is my intention to help you with the knowledge you need to make money online, but please don't think that you'll be earning a full time income next week.

By clicking on the correct button, you're going to be asked to give your email address - and you'll be added to my list. This means that you'll be getting daily or weekly emails from me - giving you both valuable information & gifts, as well as pointing out affiliate products that you should take a look at.

If you purchase anything from any links I provide, you're going to be making money for me - even if you don't spend any money. How great is that?! The ability to direct eyeballs is a valuable commodity online - and is no different from offline advertising. When you develop a list of thousands of customers, and have the ability to send a single email - and immediately have money pouring into your Paypal or bank account, you'll be able to fire your boss - and work whenever YOU feel like it.

Putting up a website, and learning how to build a list is something that anyone can learn to do - it's really not difficult once you learn how. Like all things in life, you can either spend money or time... if you have $500-1,000 dollars to start, you can get an online business started quite rapidly... if you don't have very much money to spend, you can still get started, it just takes a little longer...

I'd recommend that you have at least $100 to get started... you'll need a domain name, a website hosting account, and an autoresponder. The more money you have to invest, the quicker you can build an online business that is making you money on a daily basis. But this is something that can be done on as little as $20, as long as you're willing to spend a lot of hours to compensate for the small amount of investment.

What you start with is a domain name - and it can be as simple as yourname.com - or if your name is taken, then do what I did, mynameONLINE.com - simply add a word to the end of your name. Obviously, you need a hosting account for your website - but you'd be shocked at how cheap you can get hosting today. I found a 3-year Cpanel hosting account for $9.95 on Ebay... that's right THREE YEARS of hosting for under $10. Since a domain name will cost you about $10, that means you can have a website up and running for just $20. Then you can get an autoresponder for the first month for a dollar or less.

If you really work at it, you can have enough earnings in the first month to pay your autoresponder the second month... then it's just a matter of learning how to drive traffic to your website.

In list building - a MAJORITY of the work is all upfront - there's a good deal of work you have to do as far as fundamental structure before you earn anything at all. You need the website, you need some content, you need a landing page, you need an Autoresponder, you need at least 10, and preferably about 30 emails ready to go in your Autoresponder.

There's a LOT of work upfront in list building - and this scares off most people - who are constantly thinking that they might put in all this work, and not earn anything at all. Others will start, but due to un-realistic expectations, don't earn hundreds & thousands within a week, so they stop. Prematurely.

Whatever you do - don't be that person. If you don't like list building, perhaps you'd like to earn money online in some other fashion. But just be aware, MOST people who earn a nice living online do so because they've compiled a list of customers that they can sell to time and time again. Isn't this worth learning about?