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Having problems creating a landing Page? Even with a decent knowledge of HTML – it can be difficult to get all the elements of a good landing page put together. Now, I suspect that you’ve seen mine… (if you haven’t, click here to look at it – it will open in a new window) Would you believe that I put these sort of landing pages together in about one minute? I probably spend more time thinking about the headline than I do actually creating the landing page. But I cheat… I use Juan Morales’ WordPress plugin: Epic Squeeze – it’s easy to use. It’s already integrated with these Autoresponders:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp
  • Ebizac
  • 1ShoppingCart

It does the stunning ‘background’ images… and it will locate the images for you! It has a built in search that goes out and finds these nice graphics… then ‘under the hood’ – it will save it to your WordPress site – all ready to go. You don’t do anything! It’s a real point and click solution! Now, there’s no need to go into all the features – you can look at them yourself by clicking for the Epic Squeeze Benefits Page – I’d just like to highlight a few that I like… it has the opacity control that you only find on the higher end squeeze page builders… I like that. Your optin box will blend so that you can see the background image shining partially through. It’s a really neat effect! It has the ability to send non-premium traffic to a separate squeeze page! You want to filter your lists so you have one list of only American, Canadian, UK, and Australian visitors? Epic Squeeze can do it. GeoTargeting is built in… have you ever seen a squeeze page that said:

Only 3 Packages Left For The Los Angeles Area

… and you’re sitting in Los Angeles? Makes it kinda urgent that you sign up, doesn’t it? All based on the IP address of the visitor. Built in Exit Pops… I don’t use ’em on my landing pages, because there’s traffic sources that don’t like popup scripts – but it’s a handy feature if I decide to separate out my landing pages based on traffic source… Built in ‘submit’ buttons… all the common varieties are here – you won’t need to look around for squeeze page graphics… of course, you can still use your own if you like. These are just a few of the features I like. Now, to be honest, I have to tell you that Juan has a Lite version that goes for about half the price… but the Lite version doesn’t have the GeoTargeting or the advanced stats tracking. But those features – for me at least – I’m perfectly willing to pay full price for. What do you think? Click Here To See The Full Benefits Page. Be sure to watch all the Youtube videos on that page… you’ll learn alot!

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