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I’m often amused by other list builders – I subscribe and watch a number of them. (and if you’re not doing the same, you’re losing excellent free tutorials on how to do it right… or wrong.)

I’ve stated in my manual that the more your email series looks like just another email from a friend, the better off you’ll be… you’ll have higher open rates, and more trust from your list. One of the ways you look just like another ordinary friend is to use your NAME in the Name field. Let’s look at a small selection of today’s emails – and see what we can learn:

Email Series Names

The first thing that catches my eye is that most people are using their names – and would therefore be difficult to pick out instantly as a ‘commercial’ email. But look near the top, someone has decided that he or she is ‘IMPORTANT’ – this is a list that will be quickly unsubscribed from – I don’t need to know if someone thinks they’re ‘IMPORTANT’ ¬†– or that they think their message is ‘IMPORTANT’. I’ll be the judge of what’s important or not.

So – big mistake on the part of someone who thinks he or his message is ‘IMPORTANT’.

But is there more to be learned? Oh yes! Let’s take a look near the bottom where ‘The IM Wealth Builders’ is sending me an email… does anyone think that such an email is anything OTHER than a sales pitch? Bad move… don’t let your list think of you as anything more than a friend that they like to hear from…

I’m not particularly thrilled with people who abbreviate their first name… I don’t know about you, but most of my friends would look at me strangely if I went around announcing that I was B. Holmes. Now, on the other hand – I don’t have any problems with Jeremy… just the first name sounds friendly enough…

Another mistake in my mind is * John Lagoudakis * – his name is unusual enough – why does he need to set it apart even more with the asterisks? Ditto with –Leah–, what’s wrong with just ‘Leah’? Now I realize that they’re just trying to ‘brand’ themselves – but I think back to my days in the Marine Corps – when I was in Boot Camp – the survival tactic was to stay invisible. As long as the Drill Instructors didn’t know your name – you were safe. Your list should be somewhat similar – you don’t want them to immediately spot your name until they learn what sort of quality information you always give them. Just my two cents worth – but I see many successful list builders doing this … so I do believe that I’m on safe grounds…

Igor has the {private} thing going, and I suspect that while that’s good for one or two opens… it will quickly be spotted for just a list builder’s craving to have his emails opened. I think I’d pass on this tactic, except as maybe a once a month sort of thing. But it might certainly be an interesting tactic to use every once in a while… so I’ll test it and see… but I’m thinking that using it regularly is going to eliminate the power of this tactic (and I do think it’s powerful – I opened the first email I saw it on! :roll: )

Frank Salinas sent me the same email exactly 12 hours apart… I wonder how that’s working out for him. It’s an idea that might need to be tested to check open rates… I’m guessing that he might just be automatically sending out the same email 12 hours apart, or perhaps he’s segmenting his list and resending to those who didn’t open it the first time.

By the way, none of my favorites are on this list… I send the ones I read all the time to a different box. But here I just wanted to concentrate on the names that people were using … and noting that while most of them do follow the rule to simply use their name – ¬†some do not. And it can be instructive to study what others do…

What do you think?

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