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While checking my many emails today – I ran across one that I think needs to be addressed here for all to read. I’ve previously made it clear on this site that list building is not a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘get rich quick’ scheme – it’s a way to build an online business that can be profitable far beyond many other sort of online enterprises. But it takes money and time to develop.

So first, let’s take a look at what a subscriber has given as his goals:

I have goals:
1. Pay all Credit card bills in next two months
2. Buy a new house for myself and family
3. New Car for us
4. At least $3000 per month
Help/guide me.

Now, the goals all seem worthy – but the time frame is vastly shortened over what can actually be achieved. I’ve stated time and time again that money=time – and that the more money you have, the less time you need… or if you have no money, then much more time is needed to achieve your goals. I can easily imagine that with around $5,000 at your disposal, you’d be able to build a profitable funnel, and drive enough traffic to have a solid $3,000/mo income in just two months.

I suspect, however, that the email author doesn’t have a spare $5,000 sitting around. 😎

So it’s going to be work that needs to fill in for the missing investment capital – and there really isn’t enough time in the day for a full-time job, and at the same time, enough extra time to develop a great list in just two months time. Particularly when the writer mentioned his family…

Speedy GonzalezI wish I could help this person – but I just don’t see the future in such rosy terms. I think that a far more reasonable time-frame is going to be closer to 6 months than 2 – and indeed, if you have a family to take care of at the same time – you might more reasonably expect great success in a year or two. This would be presuming that you routinely spend at least an hour a day, and another 4-5 hours every weekend to achieving your goals – and have fairly good typing, writing, and website skills.

Everything seems so fast today – that everyone expects fast results – and certainly it can happen – recall the person with the idea for the Million Pixel Website? Started in August of 2005, not quite five months later, the total earned was $1,037,100. But this was a really unique concept – and unique new and fantastic concepts can really change your world if you can come up with them.

Certainly the Internet allows you to interact with buyers to an extent that was never possible before… if you have a great new idea, you can literally be raking in money from all over the world in a very short time indeed. You could be the next inventor of a new Ebay, Facebook, or Google… you could build a new website that gets snapped up by one of the giants in a takeover bid. You can literally strike gold in a very short time online!

But Is This Really Practical To Expect?

It is if you have the luck and intelligence to come up with the next ‘Facebook’, or the next ‘Million Pixel’ website. Otherwise, you’ll have to do as most of us do – plod along in well-trodden paths that lead to financial independence – as long as we’re willing to put in the time and effort that it takes. Just like winning the Lotto – it simply doesn’t happen to everyone – and not everyone can reasonably expect to win the Lotto – or come up with a paradigm shifting wonderful new online idea that makes a great deal of money. It’s not to say that you can’t – it’s only to say you can’t expect success this way

I’m always at a loss of what to say to people who expect or hope for fast success… success that is ‘fast’ is rarely what it seems – even ‘overnight’ teen pop sensations like Britney Spears spent YEARS in training before ‘suddenly’ becoming famous. I see online products that offer almost instantaneous success – and surely they do work if you have enough money to invest, a ready team of collaborators to write articles, build backlinks, research keywords, develop software, etc…

Building a list of people to market to time and time again requires that you spend the time building your funnel – writing your Autoresponder emails, and driving traffic every day… as well as purchasing solo ads to speed the process along. There are no shortcuts to doing the work… and it can be frustrating indeed to end up this year with nothing to show for it because you never got started. Get started today – and you’ll certainly succeed as long as you do the work. But I fear that success in two months is virtually impossible unless you come up with a unique way to drive a ton of traffic that I’m not familiar with. Certainly lightning can strike – look at the guy with the Million Pixel page – it took off after a press release was sent out and BBC picked up the story.

Get started now – and realize that it’s going to take time – but it will be time well spent when you finally build your list up into the thousands of subscribers. I can’t help anyone do the impossible, real online business creation requires the time needed to create the large ‘footprint’ needed for consistent traffic to your funnel – but get started now – and a year from now you’ll be very happy indeed! You can always speed things up if you have money to invest – building a ‘done for you’ money funnel, and purchasing traffic, but without investment capital – you’ll have to do things the slow and reliable way…

Good luck!

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