How To Get 1,257 Visitors In 48 Hours

1,257 VisitorsIt’s a simple formula – Traffic + Conversions = Money.

And you want more money… you’re conversion rate should be fairly steady if you have a good money sucking funnel – so how do you get more traffic? It’s simple – stop relying on your own efforts.

Now, that sounds rather provocative, doesn’t it?

But it’s really simple when you think about it – you want your posts to go viral – meaning that you want others to read it, then mention it to their friends, or in our Internet changed world – ‘Like’ it on their Facebook page – email it to their friends, comment on it on their favorite bookmark site. These are all ways that others can help you pass along your message – and thus get a ton of traffic to your site.

Getting other people to help you is going to be all about the content – Content is King – long live the King! If you don’t have something that’s worth sharing, you won’t get anyone to help you share it. Meaning, of course, low traffic.

But even the most meaningful post isn’t particularly worth sharing.

E=MC2  is quite meaningful indeed – and if you happen to be in a room full of physicists – you might catch their interest. But you’d catch EVERYONE’s interest if you posted how Albert Einstein was wrong when he constructed the equation E=MC2.  Make a post that posits that thought – and you’ll have the right sort of post that people will be interested in.

So what makes for a post worth sharing?  Merely being factual isn’t going to be good enough… you need to hit people’s emotions!  If you can write a post that creates an emotion – you’ve got a winner on your hands. What kinds of emotion?

Funny Posts: How many times have you gotten emails from a friend sharing something that they considered funny?

Controversial Posts: This works well with current event topics – but can work with almost any topic. If you can come up with an unusual twist, or denounced the common understanding – you’ll get people interested enough to share it.

Make People Angry: This will work quite well, but could easily backfire. I could have this post right here circle the globe in just days – if I made a joke about religion, for example… (of course, I might have to hide from the ensuing Fatwa  🙁 )

Cute: Never underestimate cute… if you don’t believe me, run over to Youtube and look at a few ‘kitty’ videos … cute cats can get enough traffic to burn out Google’s servers… so if you can work some cuteness factor into your post – you’ll get plenty of people willing to share it with others. If you pick and work in a niche that deals with female issues – you’ll have to master ‘cute’ if you want a good deal of traffic… but even John Wayne wouldn’t ignore the truly cute.

Shocking!: In today’s world, it’s increasingly difficult to really shock people’s sensibilities – we’ve become inured to far too much – but if you can still shock your audience – you’ll end up going viral. This can be a dangerous emotion to raise, however, much like anger – it can backfire on you. Use with caution!

Actionable: Writing a post that details the exact steps someone needs to take – or detailing step by step how to do what the visitor wants to do – is going to cause other people to pass along your content – this is a difficult to describe emotion – but I’d call it a ‘feel-good’ emotion. Make people feel good with hope, and you’ll get a lot of sharing of your content – leading to a ton of traffic. How much traffic do you think the author of that above-listed link is getting for his entirely actionable post?

Content Location – Where’s The Traffic Going To?

Now, I hope that you’ve learned not to create content for others first – you should have your own unique content on your website first – then you can widen your online footprint by posting it in other locations to send more traffic to your site. Make sure that you have hosting – and your own domain name. Everything you create must go on your site first – and then let Google, Bing, and other search engines credit your site with this unique content – THEN, and only then – should you re-use your content on other sites, such as article directories, web 2.0 sites, Youtube, podcasts, and other forms of distribution. You want traffic to come to your website in order to make the best use of it. If you’re still toying around with Blogspot,, Hubpages, Squidoo, or other similar sites – stop adding to their popularity, and start adding to your business.

Make It Easy!

Make it easy for your visitors to share your articles with friends… if you’ll look to your left, you’ll see a share bar that makes it easy for you to instantly let your friends know that you found this information worth reading. (Go ahead – give something a click!)  After you’ve created content that pushes emotional buttons – and have it on your own site – with a good social share bar in place – simply ask people to comment or share your information.

Ask them!

Most people I’ve found to be quite friendly, and willing to help out people who are willing to help them. Help your website visitors with great content, then ask them to help you by sharing your content – and you’ll start seeing more traffic.

What do you think?

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