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OutsourcingOne of the critical mistakes made by many online marketers is the inability to differentiate between tasks that they must be doing for themselves, and jobs that are best left to outsourcers. If you insist on doing everything yourself – you’ll get bogged down in minutia, and you’ll end up not making as much money as you could be making.

I’m an American, and with that statement, you can assume certain things about me – first, that my hourly income is high enough that it’s a waste of my time to do simple repetitive things such as creating Tier 2 websites… which can far more profitably be outsourced to the Philipines (or India) due to their lower standard of living.

Please understand that I’m not criticizing these countries in any way, shape, or form… The Filipinos that I’ve been privileged to work with have, for the most part, been very hard working and decent people. Another problem that some people have is their belief that they are ‘taking advantage’ of the difference in living standards. But if you put yourself in the place of a Filipino who is earning a very good wage compared to his neighbors – I’m sure he/she is saying “Please! Take Advantage of Me!” So don’t be concerned that you can hire a worker to do repetitive tasks for what seems to be a very cheap price – in their country, that money goes a lot further than here in the U.S.

Now, when you start out, naturally you’re not going to hire a team of outsourcers to work on your online business full-time – it takes time to build your business up to the point where you can split off a percentage of your income to an outsourced team. But everyone can start with tasks best performed by people at Fiverr. For example, building up a pyramid of Tier 2 websites to link back to your main site… or creating backlinks to your site – these are tasks that can easily be done cheaper by Fiverr Gigs than by doing the work yourself.

(Be careful, however, of backlink creation to your main website – until you are completely understanding of what sort of backlinks are being created, this might be a task you should reserve for yourself. Bad backlinks can harm your site… but it’s not something that you’d worry about with your Tier 2 or Tier 3 sites.)

By having someone else handle the boring repetitive work, this will free you up to create more content, or to create a product, or whatever task is better suited to the business owner than an outsourcer. There are many boring and repetitive things that are a part of building an online business – don’t get bogged down – consider outsourcing.

I can’t tell you what tasks to outsource, because your strengths are not my strengths… I would NEVER outsource a WordPress installation, simply because I can almost do it in my sleep – and am quite picky about how it’s done… for you, on the other hand, it might not be something you feel competent doing, and it might be more profitable for you to have someone else do it for you. I know that I generally outsource most of my graphics work (such as creating banners & logos), simply because I’m not a very graphics capable person. (Oh, I do simple things like the graphics you see sprinkled in these posts – but that sort of graphics work hardly requires any artistic design…)

So What Tasks Do You Feel Like Outsourcing?

Virtually anything that can be done online can be outsourced to someone else – and in many cases, it can be cheaper than doing it yourself. I can’t make that judgment for you, I can only point out that anything you don’t feel competent doing, or that is repetitive and boring, can be done by someone else – leaving you free to work on expanding your business.

If you haven’t checked out – I recommend that you become familiar with the ‘Gigs’ (tasks) that they are willing to do for you, so that you can outsource if it becomes practical for you to do. There are other outsourcing sites – for longer and more labor intensive jobs – and you can easily locate them with a simple Google search. Just always keep it in the back of your mind – can I outsource this job so I can be more productive?

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