How To Craft The Perfect Email Series

When setting up your Autoresponder series – you must start by figuring out just what your goals are – and how best to achieve them. I’m going to cover the most common forms of email series that I’ve seen and know about.

The first email series is the worst possible one – but sadly, all too often seen with beginners:

Email Series 1

Beginners forget the powerful advantage of an Autoresponder – it automates things… but if you haven’t fed your Autoresponder with a good series of emails – you can’t expect your Autoresponder to be feeding your bank account! Some people rely on sending Broadcast messages – that is, they sit down each and every day, and type a new message that goes out to their list. What a horrible way to do business! I got into list building because I want maximum flexibility with my time… I don’t want to be tied down to constantly be writing new emails!

So don’t make this mistake – Broadcast emails are only for those times when you have something really new – perhaps a new product launch – or something that’s really new and time sensitive – a webinar, or a new video or website post you’d like them to see.

Now let’s look at the most common sort of email series that I see…

Email Series 2

This is quite common – I’d say that probably 90% of all the lists I sign up for follow this format. It very quickly becomes boring – and these are the people who will have huge problems with their ‘open rate’ – the percentage of people who open their emails.

What good is it to have a list of 5,000 people, if only 5% open your emails? Would you rather have a list of 5,000 with an open rate of 5%, or a smaller list of just 2,500 people with an open rate of 40%?

The first example will give you just 250 people looking at your offer – but with a list half the size, a 40% open rate would give you 1,000 people reading your offer! What would you rather have?

I can hear you asking the question (I’m a part-time mindreader…): “How do I get a 40% open rate?”

Well, simple really – don’t bore your list… provide real content … I’m on one list that I enjoy reading, because even though she tends to follow the above tactic, she at least gives links to funny videos – and tells me what’s going on in her life… family, pets, people… in other words, even though she’s always hyping something or other – she actually crafts her emails more carefully than most.

But let’s look at the next example – that will get you closer to your 40% open rate:

Email Series 3

This is what many List Building courses will recommend – and with good reason – you’re giving your readers valuable information – and not deluging them with a hard sell on every email. This is the sort of email series that will boost your open rate, and get more people reading what you have to offer. Now, is this the perfect email series? It’s certainly not bad, and in the right hands, this will serve you well.

Particularly if you employ not a ‘hard sell’ – but a solution based Affiliate product review – where you discuss a common problem, then just ‘casually’ mention that you found the best solution when you bought ‘XYZ’s’ affiliate product. By focusing on how to solve problems, rather than “You gotta get this – it’s incredible – it will make you a fortune overnight” type of hype, you’ll become more engaged with your readers – and they will tend to buy products you recommend.

You must learn to be a salesman!  If you really want to succeed in list building, you have to figure out how to persuade people that what you’re recommending will help them. How do you do this? I recommend two methods – first, find any books on salesmanship or direct marketing that you can. Read. Study. Learn…

The second method is even easier… set up a secondary email address… and start subscribing to every email list you can find – preferably in your chosen niche, of course. Read the emails that get sent to you – who is persuasive? What did they write that made that email enjoyable to read? How did they format that email? What headline did they use?

I always say – don’t re-invent the wheel… don’t try to be innovative – I’m certainly no genius – and I accepted that fact long ago… I’m not going to surpass Willy Crawford… or James Francis, or Igor Kheifets, or Bill Hugall – but I can learn from them! I’m on their lists, I’m reading what they wrote, I pay attention to what I think that they are doing right, and if I don’t like something that they do, I don’t do it myself.

Now, on to what is perhaps the best solution of all:

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Online since the late '90's, I built my first website in 2001 - coding it on notepad. Times have changed, haven't they? Active on the Warrior's Forum and Facebook - I spend most of my time teaching people how to build their first list - and market to their subscribers. Do you have a list yet?


  1. Patrick says

    Hi Ben, first let me admit I’m a newbie…who used to be a lurker/procrastinator – we’re not all perfect ;-(

    Having got that off my chest…confession is good for the soul, so they tell me. I just wanted to say that I like your stuff. I have heard some of it before but as the Irish comedian Frank Carson used to say when the audience laughed at an old, oft told joke – “It’s the way I tell em”.

    My web site is not yet up and running but it will be soon, and I will ensure that I apply the foregoing advice 🙂


    • Ben says

      Well, you shouldn’t see anything new on my site – I’m simply explaining what works – and it’s simply always worked.

      Nothing new here.

      [rant on]
      That’s what others don’t seem to want to understand – THEY ALREADY KNOW THE PROCESS – build a list, market to that list – but people always want something better.
      [rant off]

      I’m the king of procrastinators… so I know that gig…

      Make sure you start networking with others doing the same thing when you get your site up and running… there’s so many great ways to make money when you’re networked with others. For example, since I communicate with Bryan Harkins, when my first WSO went live, he sent out an email… yep, just one single email… and he’s totaled 69 sales in just 48 hours.

      Had I not networked with him – that would never have been possible.

      Just a thought to leave you with!

      Thanks for your comments…

  2. cornelius says

    I agreed with the idea of using contents in your emails, that is why I signed up to your email list and always looking forward to your emails at the 2.00pm delivery time 🙂

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