How Often Should You Email Your List?

This is a question that has just about as many answers as there are list owners…

But you’re going to be privileged to hear what I have to say on the topic…

Then you can ignore it – and do what you want to do anyway…  😆

First, let’s establish just what my goals are… because if you have different goals, you’re going to have a different way of approaching this topic. If you’ve been reading this blog, you may recall a post where I showed my preferred email series – it looks like this:

Email Series
As you can see, I don’t do my selling – or I should say, I do very little selling – in the emails. I tend to link to this website, where I’ll send you off to an affiliate product that will solve the problem that you’re having.  So obviously, I’m trying to establish a good relationship with my list… so that I’ll have a good open rate.

This means that during the first two weeks after someone opts in – I want to email every single day – and let them get to know me, and what they can expect. At that point, I drop my messages down to once every 2-3 days. I think that this routine hits the best of all worlds – you don’t overwhelm people who’ve been on your list for a long time, yet you ‘make friends’ quickly with new list subscribers.

Obviously, those first two weeks are going to be critical to your ultimate results – which is why I want to give them lots of information to start with – plenty of content filled emails. Any selling will be done softly – with just a referenced link – and no ‘hard sell’ anywhere near by.

Now, the ‘churn & burn’ list owners will email 5-10 times a day for as long as you remain on their list… they have to – they aren’t interested in developing any sort of relationship with their list – all they want is to profit and move on. And as long as they have good traffic coming in – and a constant flow of new subscribers – there’s nothing wrong with their business model – it’s just not for me.

Email people too often and you’ll have plenty of unsubscribes

Other list owners make the mistake, in my opinion, in sending just a random email once in a blue moon… these tend to be people who’ve developed their list from a single product… one that I bought long ago. And once every month – or sometimes several months will go by… and I’ll get an email. Now I can’t imagine that this sort of list is very profitable at all – so clearly there’s a middle ground.

I think that most list builders will agree on one of two choices… either once a day, or 2-3 times a week.

Those are the two most common email frequency tactics that I run across.

So I’ve sort of combined them – so that the first two weeks, when I’m trying to introduce myself and what I offer to new subscribers – I hit ’em every single day with a new email. But once they’ve had time to learn what I do – I relax the pace down to just 2 or three emails a week. I’m convinced that for building a relationship with a new subscriber, this method will produce the best results.

Now, I confess… I’ve not tested this with different lists… I’m going on gut instinct here. Perhaps when I have thousands of new subscribers every day I can take the time to split test various email frequency strategies – but until that happy day comes around, I’m just going to use what little judgment God gave me. So there it is – once a day for two weeks, then 2-3 times a week after that.

What’s your opinion?

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      I use a free program called ‘Edraw’ – it has a paid version too – but the free version is quite powerful indeed.

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