How Can You Afford Solo Ads?

Solo Ads Equal MoneyI’ve gotten emails from some people on my list asking for more information about free methods of driving traffic because they don’t have extra cash for Solo Ads. I can empathize, (or, as one famous politician puts it, “I can feel your pain…”) since I can remember when squeezing $15, $30, or $45 dollars for another Solo ad was something I had to budget for. I remember just how painful that was… I really did have to cut out some extras in my life to free up some money for Solo ads.   So I really do understand the problem that some of my subscribers have.  It’s far less painful to work with free traffic…  But as I explain in my ebook, List Lightning – paid traffic is immediate, and free traffic is slow.

It takes months to build up the same amount of free traffic as you can get instantly by buying a few solo ads.

There’s really no better option when it comes to traffic than Solo Ads –

And before you can begin Ad Swapping, you need to build up your list to 500 subscribers or so…

So how can you jumpstart your list building?

The solution is more simple than you think… what can you do that other people will pay you for? Can you write good articles? If you can write interesting articles – you’ll sell them easily on the Warrior forum, or on Digitalpoint. (There are many places people are looking to pay you for articles, these are just two of them) Then simply turn that money around to invest in your business. 10-packs of articles are really in demand – so if you can put together 10 500-word articles on one of the evergreen niches, you can turn it into cold hard cash to spend on solo ads. Nor is it very hard to come up with these articles – simply do an online search at any Article Directory, such as EzineArticles – and read an article – then rewrite it in your own words – and adding your own experiences or spin on the story. It’s just that simple!

Wordpress InstallCan you install WordPress?  There are many people who cannot… help them, and they’ll help you with the money you need to purchase a solo ad or two. You can even offer to install WordPress for free, as long as they purchase hosting through your link… if you become an affiliate of Hostgator (doesn’t cost a thing to be an affiliate!) – they’ll pay you $50 for every hosting package you sell. So you can offer to put up a website for free – and still make very good money.

There are even software solutions that allow you to do a  ‘one click’ install of WordPress… so this would be a highly profitable ‘gig’ to make some extra money to buy solo ads… You could have a two-tier offer – Install WordPress for $75, to include a list of standardized plugins & themes – or do the same thing for free, through your Hostgator coupon – which pays you as well.  Who could resist?

I’m quite sure that you got my drift… services will bring in fast cash – there’s no faster way that I know of to make money than to offer a service to people who need it. You can even arbitrage services… find a really good service on Fiverr – then offer that same service to a forum, and pocket the difference in price.

Making VideosOne of the best services to offer is any sort of graphics work – I confess that I’m not very good at graphics work, and often outsource banners and logos to Fiverr – and I’m sure that the person who takes on my job spends just a few minutes on it… so the per hour fee is quite nice indeed. So if you have any artistic bent – this is a great way to use your artistic talents to make money for solo ads.

Are you good at making videos?  This is a much in demand ability – if you can put together short videos for people, you have a perfect way to pick up some extra cash … for many people, videos are something exotic and difficult – if you can whip up fast short videos, you can name your price! As I’m sure many of you know, and excellent way to drive traffic is through Youtube – and similar video sites – and being able to make a video is an ability much in demand right now.  This is an excellent Fiverr gig – with many upsells possible – you can have a base rate of $5 – but good for only 50 words, additional fees for more words, additional fees for background royalty-free music, and so on…

Another excellent source of fast cash is Ebay… you certainly have things laying around the house that you no longer need. Ebay makes it easy for anyone to create a listing, and the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t sell… If you’re quick at spotting deals – you can buy expired domains, and double or triple your outlay on Ebay.

Building your list is far too important to let little details like lack of cash stand in the way… in fact, you can even take a part-time job just for a few months to get your list building business on track – and you’ll never regret the additional work, when next year it allows you to work a four hour week and vacation in the Philippines.

What do you think?  Any great methods that I missed here?

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