Have You Bought The Lottery Ticket Yet?

Slow Down - Money AheadIf you’ve been around the Internet for any length of time, and wanted to learn how to make money, then I’m sure you’ve seen many products that offered fast income with very little work. In fact, I’m quite sure you must have bought a few of them…

And, having bought that magic push button program that showed you pictures of mansions and fancy cars … I have but one small question:

Has Your Life Turned Around?

Or are you still waiting for that magic flood of visitors desperately trying to fill your bank account with money?

If you study how to write sales copy – you’ll learn that the word work should never be mentioned. It’s verboten – you never want a buyer to think that he actually has to work for the money.

And it’s rather silly, in my mind – because the amount of work that it really does take just isn’t in the same ballpark as the 40 hour week most of you put in right now. But you have to learn to do it (which isn’t really difficult at all), then you have to actually take some action…

And yes, you’ll need to dedicate an hour a day to this new online business… you’ll need to purchase hosting, you’ll need Aweber or GetResponse, there are actual expenses involved, just like any other real business.

Now, here’s a simple 10 step plan that I go into far more detail in my manual, List Lightning Pro:

Step 1 – Set Your Goals
Step 2 – Find Your Niche
Step 3 – Find A Gift To Trade For Emails
Step 4 – Select Your Autoresponder
Step 5 – Purchase a Domain Name
Step 6 – Purchase Hosting
Step 7 – Set Up Your Website
Step 8 – Setting Up Your Autoresponder
Step 9 – Set Up Your Landing Page
Step 10 – Send Traffic

It’s just that simple…

But don’t let ‘simple’ fool you… just because this isn’t the latest fad that’s come down the pike, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great deal of money in building your own list. For example, right now I see a lot of products hyping ‘mobile’ websites. And I’ll bet that there’s alot of people buying into this fad, hoping to make money. But the real method is something you already know,  ‘The Money Is In The List‘  is something I’m sure you’ve heard many times. Don’t ignore it because it’s not shiny and full of promise…

Now, this simple 10 step plan – some items will be more difficult than others – but there’s nothing on this list that the average High School teenager would not be able to accomplish. And when you’ve gotten this far, you can also expand into building a membership site for reoccurring income, create your own products, mentor other people, even outsource much of the work… and along the way fire your boss.  So what’s stopping you?

Comment below and let me know!

P.S. I no longer suggest that you follow this ‘Churn & Burn’ method of list building – but with very few changes, the above 10 steps are still quite relevant.

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