Get Traffic With Correct SEO Methods!

You Want Traffic …

  • Without it, you can’t get people to join your list.
  • Without a list, you can’t market to anyone.
  • Without any marketing – you don’t have any income.

One of the ways to get traffic – and to be honest, I originally discounted it – is to have your own blog on the topic that your list is based on. You’re reading right now an example of this – my list is based on making money online through list building – and this blog will not only tell you a great deal about list building – but it’s one of the intros to my landing page funnel.

But how do you do proper SEO?

This has always been the fight … and people will buy all sorts of automated tools, pay others to do backlinking, write all sorts of articles… does it work?

Yes… all of the ‘tricks of the trade’ will work for a limited amount of time – then the search engines will catch up to your latest SEO ploy, and will sink your website into oblivion. Why is this? Because you’re trying to trick the search engine into giving you an abnormally high SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

The correct way to go about it is to simply give the Search Engines what they are looking for – highly relevant and quality content. It will be a race between the rabbit and the tortoise – the rabbit, with his tricks and underhanded blackhat SEO will certainly be in the lead – but the tortoise, building a solid foundation of quality content that people are interested in reading will win the race in the end.

I’ve seen all of my Amazon Affiliate sites – with their un-natural link building… fall from the first page to … well, no-place that makes me very much money…

On the other hand, this site – which has had no link building whatsoever, is slowly gaining in daily visitors. The secret is a simple one… one that I pretty much ‘fell into’ many years ago. I built up a site, haven’t touched it in years… it has less than a dozen links going to it… Yet it’s number one for it’s chosen keywords! Has been for many years… the secret that I accidentally discovered was all based on that first site.

  • That first site I built has unique content… no-one else has it.
  • It has long content – the average page is over 1,000 words.
  • It has a single link coming from a PR6 site.
  • It has a lot of unique photos that exist no-where else.

Now, of those four items, I strongly suspect that the long, unique content is the most important… you’d be amazed at some of the keyword phrases I rank for. I made absolutely no efforts whatsoever to pay attention to any keyword percentages… and yet that first website of mine (purely a hobbyist site), ranks on the first page of Google for a large number of keyphrases. Interestingly, I’ve not touched that site in years… and to be honest, I really need to go back and do some work on it.

But I’ve having too much fun with this site! And applying what I learned.

Correct SEO Is Virtually No SEO At All!

Virtually the only SEO that I do with this website is internal SEO only… in other words, I have a quote plugin that changes the content of pages frequently… I have internal links to everything, I have a Google map, I ping new posts, I use alt tags on images… I may occasionally ‘no-follow’ a link – but really, this is about the extent of my SEO practices nowadays… Google will never downgrade me for any rule violations… because I’m giving them exactly what they’re looking for – unique quality posts.

And as search engines improve their algorithms, this site will slowly move up in the rankings, and other websites – which are intentionally attempting to trick Google in order to get more traffic, will slowly lose that traffic. So instead of spending time attempting to manipulate higher rankings – you should spend that time creating quality content.

Now, How Do You Create Quality Content Fast?

There are essentially two methods that I use…
Writing Hand

  1. Post straight out of my own experience and knowledge – this works quite well if you are reasonably knowledgeable on the topic that you’re blogging on. I have hundreds of pages to write just based on my own experience – so I’ll not soon run out of material!
  2. Post based on other websites’ material – this is the easiest way to blog about a topic that you aren’t completely proficient in – simply open up Google, then click on the ‘More’ tab… then click on the ‘Even More’ tab… Go down to ‘Specialized Search’ – and click on ‘Blog Search’. Now just type in the topic name… and browse. When you find an interesting post – read it a few times until you have it firmly in your understanding… then close that page. Open up your website’s editor, and write your new post. Don’t keep the other website open, or you’ll be tempted to copy exact phrases and sentences… you’re only going to be writing a post with the same general concepts… not the exact words and sentences.

With just these two methods – you can create an unlimited stream of unique content… and if you try to shoot for posts over 500 words – you’ll do even better. I’m constantly keeping an eye on my word count as I type – and when I break 1,000 – I’ll most always stop there… but if the word count is under 500 – I’ll look for ways to go into more detail until I’ve passed the 500 word mark.

(And yes, you can advertise that you accept guest bloggers – and get even more content – if you don’t like writing yourself… or use high-quality articles from EzineArticles)

Search engines love content. Search engines will drive more visitors your way than virtually anything else you can do – as long as you have unique and interesting content for them to index. Concentrate not on the search engines – but on the reader – and you can’t go wrong.

And speaking of the end reader – you – I like to do a few things in my content to make things more interesting… here’s my mental checklist:

  • Underline words and phrases
  • Use bold for important thoughts
  • Italics also work nicely…
  • Background color – I like very light yellow, blue, and green.
  • Occasional headlining and centering.
  • Photos & videos – when they fit with the topic (or even if they don’t!)
  • Bullet points (such as this one!)

Write your post – then go back and see how many of these things can be done to your post to break it into readable chunks… if you see a long stretch of words – bold something and underline it  just to break up … monotony is the killer of interest – don’t kill your readers… make them engaged with your reading and your bounce rate will go down, and return visitors will go up!

Well, I’m well past my 1,000 words… and this whole article took about 30 minutes to write.

Can you do the same?

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