Who Else Wants to Get More Subscribers,
More Traffic, and More Profit For Their List?

All Without Driving Any More Traffic Than You Already Do!

From: Ben Holmes
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

Building A List Is Important! I know it, you know it, any serious online marketer knows it. So you build your funnel and start driving traffic. But if your funnel isn’t set up correctly – you could be losing subscribers & money without even realizing it!

Many people start out with a freebie offer – and begin collecting names … but this isn’t enough.

You cannot hope to have a simplistic funnel in place, and build a list quickly & easily.

I Was At The Hospital Visiting A Friend…

And the old guy in the same room was in the last stages of some weird cancer he’d contracted in Hong Kong – and he had no family left to stay with him… I talked to him quite a lot, and he whispered to me the secrets of building a list building funnel that would virtually attack subscribers & profit… and I followed his suggestions and my list exploded to 3 million subscribers…


Yeah… not quite the truth.  🙂 … I’ve always been a lousy liar… But some people want stories, right?

I learned these methods the same way everyone does… by experimenting and paying attention to other list builders… so no stories here, folks! (at least, no believable ones!)

It’s just that too many people start out with really simplistic funnels – they are missing out because they don’t know how to make the maximum use of every single click coming in. I found out in a private Facebook group that people were genuinely oblivious to how to properly put together a great list building funnel.

Now, if you’ve been building your list for a few years, this manual probably isn’t going to tell you anything you don’t already know. This is a manual designed to help people just getting started.


Introducing The:
Fast Attack Funnel System

fastattackfunnelbundle300x400You’ll get 39 pages showing a step by step method to put together a funnel that will suck more subscribers out of the same amount of traffic you currently get… as well as making more profit at the same time.

This isn’t a traffic guide – the Fast Attack Funnel System shows you how to get more subscribers out of the same amount of traffic.

You won’t have to pay for more traffic!

This PDF formatted manual is instantly downloaded, and unlike everyone else who claims ‘no fluff’ in their reports – I’ve gone ahead and included six pages of fluff to the report.

No charge for the fluff. Comes with the manual… 🙂

Pay for 33 pages of explanation & step by step instruction – and you get 6 pages of fluff for free!

Now, this is certainly useful for beginners – but I’m aiming this manual at those of you who are building your list, but really don’t know how to put together a really great funnel system.

If you already have a funnel that takes every single click, and runs it through the wringer, squeezing every click til it screams – then you don’t need the Fast Attack Funnel System…


Section 1:
Product Creation

If you don’t have a product, you’re missing out on not just money – but also traffic. You’ll see why creating your own product is so critical, and just how easy it is to create your own product. I started off this system with product creation because it is so critical to everything else in list building – it’s not merely something you should do, it’s something you must do.

You’re not going to find a magic pushbutton in this manual – you’re going to find what works. But it’s not nearly as hard as it first appears!

    • Why having your own product can mean tons of free traffic!
    • The best place to go to get the necessary materials for your own product.
    • How to quickly produce your own product, on virtually any topic.
    • Coming up with a cover for your new product.
    • The best software for creating an info product (it’s free!)


Bob Marx

“AWESOME… I’ve been guilty of spending $7 on WSO’s that were just a collection of lame or re-hashed ideas. So I’m pretty skeptical!

Took away some “STOP WHAT I’M DOING…and Make this Change Now” action ideas.

Thanks for the review copy, would have gladly paid for it.” – Bob Marx


Section 2:
Sales Pages Made Easy

You can sell absolute garbage with a good sales page – not that I’m recommending that you do so – only pointing it out. I’m going to show you a way to create your own sales page without knowing anything about copywriting.

Inside Section 2, you’ll discover…

    • Why you don’t need to know copywriting to build your sales page.
    • The biggest mistake you can make on a sales page.
    • How many sales pages do you need?
    • Building authenticity for your sales page…


“This is truly “all you need to know about setting up a sales funnel system.” Is there anything else to know about “setting up sales funnels”? It’s none for me, and I seriously doubt for others.

The magic in the “Fast Attack Funnel System” is its simplicity. Ben Holmes laid out a complex issue in such a simple manner that getting hold of it becomes easier for everybody. Every component of a sales funnel is discussed. He showed us the perfect set up of funnels to get the optimum outcome from your existing traffic.

Following Ben’s instruction, I already finished tweaking my own!

I am lucky I got a review copy from Ben; I should have purchased it otherwise!” – Khondoker


Section 3:
Squeeze Pages Made Easy

Sorry folks – unless you’re an HTML wizard – there ain’t no such thing as squeeze pages made easy. But you can throw money at the problem, and I’ll show you the best WordPress plugins that turn out effortlessly good squeeze pages.

    • What you should never include.
    • What tactic you should be constantly using.
    • The most important part of the squeeze page.
    • How to stop squeeze page leakage.
    • Hottest new squeeze page tactic in use today.

JP Provencher125x150“Knowing Ben and how meticulous he is, I was really looking forward to go through a review copy of Fast Attack Funnel System. The product did not disappoint and completely lived up to my expectations.

The money may be in the list, but having a proper funnel will be the only way to grow and maximize return on that list! That is why I really enjoyed the detailed insights provided throughout the PDF.

Ben leaves no stones unturned and goes out of his way to clearly explain how to set things up the right way!

Fast Attack Funnel System also made me realize I was leaving money on the table so thanks a lot for the great info!” – JP Provencher


Section 4:
The Most Critical Page Of All

Believe it or not, it’s not your Squeeze page. Virtually anyone can put together highly professional and high-converting squeeze pages today by merely using any of a number of great WordPress plugins. But if you aren’t using this page correctly, or … horror! Not using it at all … you’re losing out on traffic and profits.

    • Setting up your Special Page.
    • The best scripts to use for rotating offers.
    • You’ll see an example provided, my currently used page!
    • CB & PPL explained, step by step.


Here you can see the Fast Attack Funnel block diagram:


It looks complicated, doesn’t it? I remember the first time as I first fumbled through building a better funnel that I had sheets of paper scattered all over the place with charts & graphs & arrows… But this is surprisingly easy to set up, you just need to understand how – and the Fast Attack Funnel System will show you exactly how to do this so you’ll increase your traffic and profits.

I know you want to make the best use of the visitors you’re getting – this is the way to do it! And with the average solo ad running you 50 cents or more for every opt-in – you only need a handful of additional subscribers from the same traffic you’re already getting to pay the cost of this WSO!

This is information that will pay for itself in a very short time with additional subscribers & profits…

How can you go wrong?


Michael Jones

“I received a review copy of Ben’s new ebook, Fast Attack Funnel System.

The guide is 39 pages, packed with highly actionable and extremely valuable information you don’t generally see in other products on the market.

Ben’s style of writing is conversational and easy to follow. He gives very clear advice on each step you’ll need to take to get your product from product conception through listing and selling your product.

In this step by step guide you’ll find out:

    • Just how to go about researching and creating your product. He gives a great secret that make the process quick and simple
    • Then he addresses the correct way to set up your landing page so you’ll get maximum conversions. Everything he shows is always laid out in easy to follow steps.
    • Next he goes on to describe all you really need to know about auto-responders and shows you some of the common mistakes people make. Very helpful.
    • On to how to create your sales page and a neat little trick that’ll save a bunch of time.
    • He thoroughly goes over what upsells and downsells are and why you need them and how they affect your bottom line.
    • His section on pricing is very informative and his use of trial pricing is something everyone should be thinking about using.

Finally he goes over some very useful topics such as:

    1. Split Testing
    2. Your email series
    3. The importance of having your own products
    4. Networking
    5. Shiny object syndrome

Finally he sums everything up with a great flow chart and in depth explanation of the entire process. This guide is worth so much more than the very modest price he’s asking.

If you’re serious about putting your own products out there, this guide is a must have.” – Michael Jones


Are There Any OTO’s

Yes… I’ve tossed in a single OTO – for those who need more information about setting up their list. If you already have a funnel in place, you don’t need it. The Fast Attack Funnel System focuses like a laser on the actual funnel – the OTO covers a much broader range of list building information. It’s not needed if you are already building a list.


What Guarantee Do You Give?

I offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. Why quibble over change? I’m not charging much for this, and if you don’t like the Fast Attack Funnel System – just say so, and your money will be returned.

So there’s no risk at all to give this a try. Building a list is the most cost efficient way of marketing online – and can completely eliminate the need to keep up with Google algorithm changes. But if you aren’t building your list the most efficient way – you’re leaving money on the table. What is it worth to you to build your list faster and more profitably?

Dan Smith“Excellent resource! Ben invited me to take an advanced look at his new eBook “Fast Attack Funnel System.” Since we help retail businesses build online stores we are always looking for easy to read and understand resources for our clients. This book does that and much more.

We have all bought books on list building, affiliate marketing and even WSO’s but they are bits and pieces scattered around the internet. The Fast Attack Funnel System brings all these parts together in one easy to read and implement program.

One of the things I like most in the book are the diagrams. They are simple, easy to understand and evoke the “aha, so that’s how it works” response. Perfect for our clients that are new to internet marketing (and even people like myself who have been in the biz for many years).

I highly recommend this book to just about everyone on this forum. You will definitely find some great information you can put to use today.”

Dan Smith


How Much Will This Set Me Back?

Done the exact same way I’ve put it together for my website, you’ll spend quite a bit. I have $141 invested in plugins to do the various necessary jobs. But you don’t need to spend that much, you may already have what’s needed:


If you have these – you’re set… I’m showing you the process… If you have a list already, you probably already have plugins needed to put this together. But you don’t need to build the complete Fast Attack Funnel in one sitting…

You can slowly improve your funnel as you have funds to invest.

I am, of course, working under the presumption that you already have hosting, domain, and autoresponder – items you absolutely must have if you want to build an online business.

The Fast Attack Funnel System is designed to take maximum advantage of every single visitor that you toss into your funnel, so you can build your list faster and more profitably using the same amount of traffic you have right now.


Limited Time Offer!

This WSO will only be available for sale for the next 27 years 7 months, and 3 days – you’ll need to get in quickly … 🙂 (had to throw in some false scarcity… I hope you understand… my fancy countdown script is in the shop being worked on by a PHP technician)

But seriously – if you’re spending money for traffic – the Fast Attack Funnel System is going to make that money work harder for you – and even if you’re using free traffic to build your list – don’t you want to make the most use out of the visitors you get?