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Would You Like To Learn How To Rapidly Build A List?

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From: Ben Holmes
Re: Let Me Show You How To Build A List The Right Way!

I know our economy isn't helping! Money is tight - credit cards, car payment, rent or mortgage still have to be paid. I know what it's like living from paycheck to paycheck.There is a solution, but it's not a get rich quick scheme.

Building a list can break you free from all your financial worries - and it can happen this year, in as quickly as just a few months time. Now, I'm not going to try a snow job - this isn't a magic button to press - it's actually going to take some work. Can you spare an hour a day?


List Lightning Pro v2

List Lightning I've bought far too many books on list building - and very few of them came close to teaching me how to build a list - how to monetize that list, how to get started if I had no hosting, no website, no autoresponder, and no idea what I was doing.

So I sat down, and spent two weeks writing 70+ pages of detailed step by step instructions for putting together your own money funnel... what you absolutely have to have, and what paid options you don't really need.

And in the latest revision of the manual - it's grown to it's current size of over 90 pages of detailed step by step information.

I've stripped it down for people who can't afford very much - and I've explained what you can do to build your business without very much money. If you have some spare cash to invest, I show you how to do that as well.

I tell you what software you cannot do without - and tell you the 'nice to have' methods when you can afford to pay for them out of your profits. This is the poor man's 'pay as you go' business - where you can reinvest the money you earn into making your business more profitable in just a few months time. (Notice - I'm not trying to sandbag you with promises of $$$ next week. - Ain't gonna happen - if you want the dream - move on to the next shiny object - this isn't it.)

Most importantly of all - I show you all the many methods of actually driving traffic to your new money funnel - both free and paid methods - and show you a free method to track every visitor -  so you know where your traffic is coming from.

This business can be done in just an hour a day - I generally spend one hour Monday through Friday - and up to four or five hours on Saturday - expanding my list building business by driving more traffic.

I must admit - this report will take you some time to go through - it's not in large print - I have graphics - but not to 'fluff out' this manual - I've poured my soul into this - and it's going to give you the information you need to develop a full-time income in 3-6 months time. If you do the work!

This manual can be instantly downloaded - you can be reading it just minutes from now - and within a few days - have your business up and running.

Just to give you an idea of the detail involved, here's the actual Table of Contents from List Lightning:

Terms & Conditions 3
Rights 3
Introduction 4
Why List Building? 5
Why Do I Need A List? 8
Step 1 – Set Your Goals 10
Step 2 – Find Your Niche 11
Step 3 – Find A Gift To Trade For Emails 14
Step 4 – Select Your Autoresponder 17
Step 5 – Purchase a Domain Name 19
Step 6 – Purchase Hosting 20
Step 7 – Set Up Your Website 21
   Now - Step by step: 25
Standard Email Addresses: 33
Step 8 – Setting Up Your Autoresponder 34
   Autoresponder Email Tips: 38
      Autoresponder Email Tip #1: 38
      Autoresponder Email Tip #2: 42
      Autoresponder Email Tip #3: 42
      Autoresponder Email Tip #4: 42
   Subscription Forms: 43
      Single Opt-in vs Double Opt-in: 44
   Unsubscribes: 45
Step 9 – Set Up Your Landing Page 46
   A/B Split Testing Tip 49
   Landing Page Tips: 51
   Constructing Your Funnel: 55
      Outsourcing: 64
Step 10 – Send Traffic 66
   The Final Step Is Traffic Generation 67
   The Secret 68
   On to traffic generation 69
      Recommended Traffic Methods: 70
   Traffic Notes: 85
      Traffic Methods Not Recommended 86
Summary 90
Resources Needed or At Least Useful 91
The Fat Lady Has Sung 92

As you can see - there's a simple 10 step detailed plan for you to follow -  and at the end of the manual - you'll have built a money funnel that you only need to spend an hour a day driving traffic with the simple methods I show you ... this will build up your business until you're earning a full-time income from it.

Now, I'd love to tell you the story of how my rich Uncle, as he was laying on his hospital deathbed, whispered the secrets that I'm sharing with you now... it would make, I'm sure, an entertaining story for you to hear... the truth, of course, is that all of this material is available online if you take the time to search forums, and talk with people who are currently earning their living with list building. There's no secrets here - it's just a down-to-Earth method that always works, if you only take the time to put it in place.

Ever notice that people are perfectly willing to sell you a website?

But no-one ever offers to sell you a list? Why is that? Could it be that a list of buyers is just too profitable? The answers to your financial dreams have always been here - if you're reading this - more than likely you already know that you need to build a list... but just didn't know how to get started.

I've put all the pieces of the puzzle in one easy to read manual - simple and step by step... some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to build your subscriber list for free.
  • How to set up viral marketing - literally forcing your visitors to help you build your list!
  • How to attract subscribers by offering real solutions to their problems.
  • The honest and long-term approach you must use in crafting your email series.
  • How to split test 4 landing pages in a day or two for just $5.00
  • Low cost traffic methods that can pay off big!
  • How to have others do all the upfront work - while you reap the profits!

Now - don't get the wrong impression - this is no 'get rich quick' scheme, nor is it a push-button solution - there's real work here - even if it's only sitting down and typing. But it can be accomplished in just an hour a day - and much of the work can be outsourced.

So If You're Ready To Start Working Just An Hour A Day Toward Your Financial Freedom - This Is The Step By Step Plan You Need!

But I'm not quite through... I want to include some extra bonuses that will help you implement this business more quickly and easily... so here's what I'm offering today:


Bonus 1: Graphics Opt-in Template Pack

Opt-in ExampleNot everyone is a graphic artist - so I've included as a bonus this 'copy & paste' pre-built set of graphic opt-in templates for you to use on your money funnel. Professionally designed opt-in graphics aren't cheap - you can end up paying $75-$150 for each one. On the right you can see an example of one of the Opt-in forms you'll get - you won't find these at Aweber!

  • 6 Color coordinated FREE REPORT optin graphics
  • 6 Color coordinated NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTION optin graphics
  • 6 Color coordinated TESTIMONIAL BOXES
  • 6 Color coordinated WEB PAGE TEMPLATES

This is a total of 24 sales page graphics in all! Best of all you'll never have to edit any graphics to have that professional look and feel you've been looking for. And because everything is color coordinated, you can mix and match various elements to give your website the ultimate in professional look and function for your optin offers. Already have a website? Not a problem - you can grab these optin graphics and add them to any existing page in minutes - all you need do is edit two lines of HTML code to add your autoresponder ID, then upload the files to your website - THAT'S IT - you're done! Now that I've completed this module, what will I have, and what's the next logical step after that?

Bonus 2: 25 Step By Step Video Tutorials For WordPress

Not everyone is already familiar with WordPress - some of you have never set up a website before - so here I'm including 25 videos that walk you through setting up your WordPress website. Learning is always so much easier when you can simply follow along, right? So videos are the perfect choice for the beginner to learn how to set up your website. Here's a listing of what you'll get: Easy WP Videos

  • How to create new pages
  • How to install plug-ins
  • How to use widgets
  • How to add a 'Contact' form
  • How to backup your blog
  • How to add and edit links
  • How to add and edit users
  • How to format a blog post
  • What to blog about?
  • How to create & use custom menus
  • How to create a new blog post
  • How to create and manage categories
  • How to customize your WordPress dashboard
  • How to update WordPress to the latest version
  • How to configure Akismet to prevent comment spam
  • How to add images to your blog post or page
  • How to change your WordPress theme to give it a new look
  • How to track your blog and gain insightful analytics
  • How to install and configure All In One SEO Pack
  • How to get webhosting so you can store your web pages and images online
  • How to register a domain name. Every blogger needs their own .com!
  • How to setup nameservers to point to your domain name to your webhost
  • How to install WordPress. Installing only takes 3 minutes!
  • How to access your WordPress blog as an administrator
  • How to configure Permalinks to make your blog more search engine friendly


Bonus 3: WordPress 201 - Advanced

Wordpress AdvancedIn this set of 14 videos - you're going to learn how to turbocharge your website - streamlining your site for maximum power & speed. You'll learn:

  • How to clean up your WordPress and keep in clean automatically.
  • Little known database and cashing tweaks.
  • How to manipulate WordPress settings for optimum performance.
  • How to compress your Javascript & CSS for faster load times.
  • How to define your Autosave interval for faster posting

In addition - I've included over 30 popular and essential WordPress plugins, 50 Premium WordPress themes, and 50 MP3 musical instrumental tracks that you can use with videos or video traffic methods.

Bonus 4: Newsletters In A Box

Not everyone is a copywriting genius - capable of churning out money-sucking Autoresponder email series at a moments notice... but you don't have to be! All you need is 'Newsletters In A Box', and with a little 'cut & paste' - you too can sound like an Internet Marketing Guru - giving high quality information to your list, as well as making profit with affiliate sales. This bonus contains 24 quality emails that cost the original seller $9 a pop from top writers ... now you get it as a bonus! Here's the list of topics: Newsletters In A Box

  • Your Welcome Letter
  • Hosting
  • FTP
  • An Easy to Use HTML Editor
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Sales Funnels
  • List Building
  • Autoresponders
  • OTO's
  • Blogging
  • Ad Swaps
  • Ad Tracking
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO Basics
  • Clickbank Basics
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • How To Treat Your Subscribers
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Instant Commissions Networks
  • Master Resell Rights
  • Private Label Rights
  • Traffic Methods
  • How To Make Money With JV Giveaways

There's also a couple of really nice bonuses that are included in this package - but I think I'll leave something as a surprise. (Hint: a lifetime membership...)

Bonus 5: Viral Youtube Traffic

As I explain in List Lightning - Youtube is one of the premier sites to get traffic from - only one website has more page views every month than Youtube - and Youtube is where people are searching for something... let your offer be what they find! Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for those who understand), most people think that creating videos is far too complex and time-consuming - and will pass it by for other forms of traffic. They don't have 'Viral Youtube Traffic' to teach 'em otherwise... You will! Viral Youtube Traffic

  • How to build your own niche video community on YouTube with the groups feature.
  • What you should absolutely NOT do after you've uploaded your video.
  • The most important information to look at when researching.
  • The secret to increasing your video views with custom thumbnail images.
  • Multiply your efforts with a list of more than 20 other very popular free online video sites.
  • How to do important keyword research on YouTube before you ever start to plan your videos (picking great keywords to tag your videos with).
  • The secret of viral videos: Learn what makes people send YouTube videos to their friends, family and coworkers.
  • How to to add effects like titles, credits, transitions, and soundtracks to make your video an exciting multimedia experience.
  • You don't want to miss this: Where to get amazing software which can animate a human face into realistic looking cartoon.
  • How to use videos as a sales device on your company website (even if people don't find your video while searching YouTube, you can still use video to increase sales).
  • Explained: The 5 minute process to create a custom profile and your own custom channel information (This will give you a big advantage when people sort for 'Channels', 'Groups', and 'Playlists').
  • What types of videos are popular? Learn the 10 important factors that are part of almost all wildly popular videos.
  • Everything you need to know about how to brand the video with your company name and site URL using free (and easy to use) video editing software.
  • Want people who watch your video to go to your website? Learn where in the video should you put your website URL.


I've put this collection of bonuses together because they will all help you reach your goal of financial independence more quickly than List Lightning will by itself.

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