Dozens of Websites – All Making You Money

Sound good?

There’s a few people on the Warren Forum that have dozens, even, in some cases, hundreds of websites – all busy earning them a few dollars (or even $50+) each month. Now, I hate to think about the SEO required to keep such a network of websites going… fresh content from time to time, new backlinks appearing so that Google believes them to be active…

But in list building – you don’t need quantity – you need quality.

In fact, I’ve owned dozens of websites in the past – I’m slowly dropping them, one by one, as they come up for renewal – or selling them off. I’ll keep a few just for old-times sake – but the money that they earn me is out of proportion to the time I need to nourish them.

In list building, you only need a single website – your platform for your landing pages and funnel. And, if you like, a blog as well. By focusing all of your attention on a single website, instead of dozens of them – you’ll end up with far more traffic, and far more profits, than if you spread your attention out to a dozen different websites and money making strategies.

Now obviously – I’m not speaking about Web 2.0 properties – which can still be a viable method to drive traffic to your site – I’m speaking about how many domains you own. I’m sure many of you reading this are in my boat – too many domains, not enough time. Fortunately, list building has focused my energies to just this one website – and I’m slowly but surely dropping all other websites in favor of this one – which is the financially advantageous thing to do.

How Bout You? How Many Websites Do You Own?

By focusing on your landing page, and getting traffic to your landing page – you’ll end up with a financial windfall that is far better than all the Adsense, Amazon & Clickbank Affiliate sites you may have. By focusing on your one website – you’ll be able to draw more traffic, and make more money by increasing the quality of your content.

Quality counts.

I get far more views to longer and more interesting posts than I do to short 300 word posts… which is why I recommend that you write fewer, but more detailed posts on your blog. This will also help with SEO – even though as a list builder – you’re far less concerned with SEO than most online marketers…

My very first website was hand-coded on ‘notepad’, back in 2001. I spent probably 6 months before the site was finally up and finished… it was a review site for books on a specific topic. When I did each post – it consisted of my review, plus the inside cover content, the back cover content, and the intro to the book, as well as the table of contents. Now, as you might imagine, very few of the book reviews were less than a 1,000 words of content. I currently rank on the first page of Google for so many long-tail keyword combinations that the traffic is very nice indeed for such a small niche. That very first website taught me a lesson – don’t be shy about using lots of words. In fact, the more the merrier. Interested readers can always skim to the parts that interest them, but search engines will index it all – and you’ll end up ranking for some of the oddest keyword phrases…

Now, if you’re spreading your time among dozens of websites – you’ll have a hard time coming up with good long content for all of them – but when you narrow your focus to just your list building niche – your list building blog can quickly become an ‘authority site’ in Google’s eyes. Particularly if you have long detailed posts full of good content – because other websites will eventually start linking naturally to your content. (I speed up the process by linking, in forums, my more memorable posts on specific topics)

Now, if writing isn’t your thing – you can either bypass the blog and simply work on your landing page and email series, or you can skip list building altogether. But if you’re reading this – then you’re clearly excited by the power of list building – and are either already building your list – or contemplating getting started.

Words are the ultimate product…

The more quality your words have – the more money you’ll make.

You may think that the 5-man tent that you’re describing on your Amazon Affiliate outdoor camping site is the product… no, it’s not. Without your words – you make no money.

Does this mean that you have to have a college education in literature? Of course not… I’ve seen far too many Asians with a poor grasp of spoken English – but with enough understanding of the language to communicate their ideas to me – to think that you have to have perfect grammar and spelling.

But you do have to have an idea – you do have to have an idea worth speaking about. And even if this topic is not of interest to most people – there’s a large enough audience for this topic to make it worth my time to write it down.

Quality will rule over Quantity… Take an idea – expound on it till you’ve explained it to death – and you’ll have a post worthy of being on your blog.

Now, one last thought to leave you with… one of my mentors did a little study to determine what would make him more money – a long email, or a short email. He found that a short email got about three times the clicks – but only a third of the income. Clearly, on long emails – emails that went into detail – most people simply didn’t click on any links – but the ones who did were buyers. Now, it’s only fair to give him a link to his post – as you might want to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak – so here’s where I dug up this little tidbit: James Francis

This is quite interesting – because you may have noticed, if you’ve subscribed to a lot ┬álists – you begin to recognize when someone who’s list you’re on is doing a solo ad for someone else (or an adswap). The swipes (email) are always very very short… and according to the test done by one of my mentors – this is precisely the tactic you need to employ if you want a lot of clicks on the link. But if you’re writing something (email or blog post) to make a sale – you’re going to get up to three times or more money from the longer posts in comparison to the simple short posts.

Now, in case you’re counting, I’m past the 1,000 word mark – and I think I’ve given you all something to think about.

What do you say? Hit me with a comment below…

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