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Leveraging TrafficAnyone want more traffic to your landing page?

If you have a decent landing page, then the one thing that makes you more money is to have more traffic coming to your site to be converted, right?

So I’m really asking a dumb question… of COURSE you want more traffic to your landing page.

Let’s review how to get traffic:

  1. You can get free traffic by putting out articles, videos, backlinks, and so forth…
  2. You can buy traffic in the form of Solo Ads, PPV, PPC…
  3. You can use leverage to get more traffic.

Now, everyone is familiar with No. 1 & 2… after all, if you didn’t know how to drive free traffic, or aren’t buying Solo Ads, you don’t have a list building business. But if you really want an avalanche of traffic, you need to figure out a way of having other people help you by their efforts to drive traffic.

As John D. Rockefeller put it: “I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts” – this makes sense too, because no matter how good your efforts are, you’re subject to the Pareto Principle – commonly referred to as the 80/20 rule. 80% of your earnings is going to come from just 20% of your efforts… this will apply to your affiliates as well – you’re going to have a lot of affiliates that make you little money, but you’ll have a few affiliates that will send your earnings to a new level!

By leveraging affiliates to drive more traffic – you’ll put the third leg on your traffic machine – making it stable … don’t disregard any method of driving traffic – because you don’t want to be in a place where if one small section of your business fails, you fail completely. Ever heard of ‘multiple streams of income?’ – well, I’m a firm believer in multiple streams of traffic!

How Do You Get Affiliates?

Simple really – I emphasize over and over again that you must eventually create your own product. This allows you far more options than simple affiliate sales can give you.

If you have your own product, you put it on JVZoo, or Paydotcom, or Clickbank – and give a high commission – it really won’t hurt you to offer 100% commission – because if you were smart, you have affiliate links spread throughout your product manual. So you’ll end up making money anyway. So now you’ll have people who drive traffic to your site in ways that you’d never think of – and in places that you’ve never even seen. There are thousands of forums online, for example, and I personally only post in a small handful of them. But merely by having affiliates for my products allows me to draw traffic from all over.

Eventually, you want to give affiliates the tools to promote your products – such as banners and swipe files – but the key is to keep this in mind – and understand the potential of having an army of affiliates sending you traffic. Keep in mind that having an affiliate program for your list building business will allow your traffic to keep growing without any work on your part… because even a single affiliate will eventually send enough traffic to get you a second person interested in being an affiliate… (I’ll let you do the math on this one…)

Social Links

The next step to better utilize your existing traffic is to simply ask your visitors to tell their friends about your website. This is done with social link plugins, which ask people to ‘Like’ your page to their Facebook friends, Tweet, or Google+, or any number of other social bookmarking sites.

Many sites (including here!) have taken to using ‘Content Locker’ scripts – which simply force people to provide you with the social links you need, in order to read the content that they want. Of course, you have to have compelling and interesting content in order to use this method – and it works best if it’s not overused on your site.

Asking people with content lockers to pass the word to others about your site can dramatically increase the traffic you get – because a single person can easily be responsible for dozens, or even hundreds of other visitors. This is truly the way to go! And to be honest – for many years I’ve avoided Facebook (and earlier incarnations of such sites, such as ‘Myspace’)… but the traffic is there – it’s where people mingle – so you need to be able to reach this sort of traffic – and the best way to do that is simply ask your current visitors to help!

What do you think?

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