Don’t Make This Blogging Mistake!

Blogging ClockI have a slight problem with a lot of blogs I read… I’m looking for information that has no relevance to the date or time, yet the blog author hasn’t removed date and time information from their blog.  WHY NOT?

If you’ve looked around this site, you’ll notice that there’s no date information anywhere – you have no idea whether I wrote this particular post today, or three years ago.

Why does this matter? It’s really simple… if I stop creating new content for this site – it won’t be obvious to anyone other than regular visitors. People will continue to end up here, and read these posts – and will not be put off by a blog that’s a few years old, yet doesn’t seem to have any current activity.

Now, on many websites, dates are important to the story – in particular, the ‘Hollywood Entertainment’ type sites, where when it happened is as important as what happened.

But that’s not true of this content here!

List building changes tactics and methods as different people discover new ways to drive traffic and convert their opt-ins – but information you read today could easily have been written 5 years ago – and it’s still just as relevant today!

So why would you write a blog on a niche topic that doesn’t need date/time information – yet include it?  I’ve come across excellent blogs on Internet Marketing that haven’t been touched in years, and yes – it makes a difference to me!  I wonder if the author knows what he’s doing – or if he’s even still earning anything online.  But if I see no obvious dates and archives, such a website will ‘work’ much better at driving traffic to a landing page, or getting visitors on their list.

It’s not particularly difficult to remove dates & times – the theme that I’m using, ‘Suffusion’, it’s simply a menu choice to remove date information… other themes it may be more difficult to do – but Google will come to your aid in showing you how to remove dating information.

I’ve changed from the free ‘Suffusion‘ theme to a paid theme – Genesis – which is a faster and more powerful theme – but it costs money. If you want free – you can’t go wrong with Suffusion.

Topics on this site are timeless… and while my site may not last as long as the Matterhorn – I certainly have pretensions that it will!  😀  So you won’t see ‘archives’ on this site – you won’t see dates or times when I post material.  Whether I wrote something yesterday or 5 years ago shouldn’t matter – this is ‘evergreen’ knowledge, and isn’t related to current events…

Bounce RateOn a somewhat related topic, make it easy for people to find interesting posts on your site… be sure to use a ‘Related Posts’ plugin, and ‘Recent Posts’ & ‘Popular Posts’ are also good ideas… your bounce rate affects your ranking on search engines – so give people an opportunity to click on something in your website…

If someone comes to your site, then backs out without clicking on anything – that’s considered a ‘bounce’ – and bounces are not a good thing! So give your visitors something to do before they back out of your website. When you have a low bounce rate, search engines will naturally presume that your content is more closely matched than another website where the bounce rate is high… so you’ll get sent more traffic from the search engines.

And while SEO isn’t a big concern when it comes to list building – since most of my traffic comes from methods other than Google – it would be foolish to ignore the simple things that will send more traffic my way.  One of my favorite methods to lower my bounce rate is to use a lot of graphics… easy to do tricks to entertain visitors. (You see examples on this post!)

Videos, by the way, are an excellent way to lower bounce rate… if you have a video that just begs to be played – the moment someone clicks to play the video –  they are no longer a ‘bounce capable’ visitor – and you’ve lowered your bounce rate.

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