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ATM MachineAnyone who’s been following my blog for any length of time knows that I’ve shifted my attention away from only listbuilding, and have begun concentrating on building an authority site to help people make money online with blogging. There’s nothing wrong with listbuilding – please don’t misunderstand. I just want to build a better list! And the best way to do that, is to build up an authority site blog.

By building a list with solo ads and adswaps – my emails are fighting with dozens or hundreds of other listbuilders … but those who subscribe through a blog aren’t necessarily on a huge number of other lists. So by changing my method of list building, I’m improving my business… Does that sound good to you as well?

I hope so!

Okay, you’ve decided to build a list by creating unique content on your own branded website… how to get started:

1. Decide what topic you’re going to address. You cannot go wrong with the well-known ‘Evergreen’ topics such as weight-loss, making money online, health & fitness issues. Don’t think that such topics are too crowded to allow you to make money in that area – they are crowded with others because they work! If you wish to stand out from the crowd, simply narrow in on a specific area. For example, in the weight-loss niche, you could decide to concentrate all your efforts on low-carb diets. Or, as I’m doing here, in the ‘make money online’ niche, concentrating on a single method that works.

2. Choose a good domain name… it doesn’t have to be keyworded to your niche topic – as you can see from this site, I’ve simply chosen my own name, and since my name was previously taken, simply added another word to it. You’re in this for the long term, so you’ll be branding your name. Who hasn’t heard of Nike? All you need is a very small fraction of people interested in your niche to equate your name with being an authority figure in your niche to make a very good living online.

3. Create your funnel. This is an entire topic on itself, and I’m not going to go into any detail here on creating your funnel, but you do need it in place before you start working on content and traffic.

4. Set up your WordPress blog. I’ve been creating websites since 2001 – and there is nothing easier than using WordPress. I wouldn’t even consider any other method to post your content to the Internet. Not only is WordPress easy to use – it has millions of people using it – so any possible problem you can imagine already has the answer to it somewhere online. Just being able to search Google fluently can make you an ‘instant’ WordPress guru. There are even Youtube videos showing you exactly what to do.

5. Content, content, and more content. This is where many people have problems… expertise isn’t gained in days or weeks… it can take years to fully learn a subject where you have your own unique insights to pass along to people. But I’m going to pass along a secret method to create new posts everyday if you want to…

Google is Your Friend!

I can’t emphasize this too highly… you’ll find an amazing amount of great material that needs only be put in your own words, with your own spin on the topic… And Google will be happy to locate what you’re looking for, and email the links to it every day… or even every hour if you want!

Simply Google the term “Google Alerts” – and click on that page… you can create ‘alerts’ to let you know what is showing up somewhere online. For example, one of my alerts that I use everyday is “listbuilding”. Whenever someone posts a new article somewhere online that mentions “listbuilding,” I get an alert, and I can jump over to that website and read. Most of the time it’s nothing exceptional… but sometimes I learn something new… many times a new article clicks in my head just from reading what other people post.

Start by compiling a list of words in your topic. For example, if you’re going to build a Weightloss niche in Low-Carb, you might use the following words for Google Alerts:

1. Low-Carb
2. Adkins
3. Paleo Diet
4. South Beach Diet

Now, that list is just a few off the topic of my head… I’m just trying to give you the idea… you’ll want to have more words rather than less at first… many alerts – you can trim them back as you see what works. You can also hit the library, and see what books are available… or the magazine rack at a large bookstore will certainly have magazines in your niche… but this one trick of using Google Alerts is really all you need to compile a vast reservoir of great topics in your niche.

Another trick to use is find photos to go with your articles… I occasionally miss doing this – but for the most part, I try to have at least one photo with every article – it helps make the article more interesting. Let’s face it – many people are far more visually oriented that reading oriented… so you need to engage those visitors as well. Sometimes a good photo is all you need to get someone to read your article post.

One last trick that I use… I have a list of websites that I go to regularly to see what new articles they’ve posted. This list of websites are all sites that deal with making money online – and for the most part, they are sites that also heavily emphasize listbuilding. By doing this – I find interesting articles that haven’t been caught by my Google Alerts that I have – but that are interesting nonetheless. Your goal is to educate your website visitors – and they don’t care where the information originally came from… they’re just interested in information that helps them!

One last comment… I’m a big believer in loooooooong articles. None of these 300 word posts for me! The first website I ever put up has been #1 on Google since 2001 for my keywords… it remains there because the articles are long and detailed. By creating long articles, you end up putting a number of unique phrases and words on your site. These are the famous “long-tailed keywords” that will end up in Google, and drive traffic. You don’t have to be #1 in Google for anything – just be on the first page for dozens or hundreds of words & phrases and you’ll end up getting natural traffic from search engines. This sort of traffic only increases as you continue to add unique content… and you may not even notice this sort of traffic the first year your site is up… but as the years go by, it can turn into a monster wave of traffic! So write longer articles if you can, rather than shorter… I tend not to slow down typing until I’ve gone over 750 words or so. When I hit 1,000 words, I get a warm glow inside, and start to reach for the save button… 🙂

Content isn’t really difficult to come by… just get started with Google Alerts!

P.S. Put in a Google Alert for your full name… you might be surprised at what’s showing up online!

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