Churn & Burn Or Content Driven – Email Marketing Models That Earn Money.

When you begin setting up your online business, you need to first decide what model of list building you’re going to use. This will help you focus on the tactics needed to build your list.

I hope by now that you’ve understood that you must build a list. The only question remaining is how you’re going to build the list and profit from it. There are two main varieties of lists that you should understand before getting started. Each type has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

I. Churn & Burn

Churn & Burn is a tactic of quickly building up a list with solo ad buys and ad-swaps, then ‘burning it out’ with offers.

Advantages: No content is needed other than the ‘freebie giveaway’ you’ll use for your landing page. As you have no desire to build any relationship with your list – you won’t need to develop a content filled website. This means that you don’t have to become knowledgeable in any specific area other than how to create your landing page funnel, how to buy solo ads and do ad-swaps. In other words, you concentrate on how to market to your list. Much of your money will be made by selling solo ads, as this form of listbuilding doesn’t get you as many buyers as content driven listbuilding.

Disadvantages: You must constantly be refreshing your list every day – you’ll need at least 200 new subscribers every day in order to maintain a decent income. Because your list is developed using other lists (through solo ads and adswaps) – the average person on your list will be getting anywhere from 25-100’s of emails every day. So your open rate on emails will be very very low. You’ll have to do swaps or solo buys very frequently, usually every day – in order to maintain your income, so this is much more of an ordinary job – where you’re trading your time for money. This method will also require more upfront costs – because you’ll be buying solo ads to get started.

II. Content Driven

Content Driven listbuilding is somewhat more involved – but ultimately a more profitable business model that doesn’t require daily work – but it does require you to become knowledgeable on a specific topic. You’ll build a website that helps people in a specific area, and build your list from people who seek out specific information, and decide that they want your newsletter.

Advantages: You won’ t need to work every single day, simply adding new posts to your website once or twice a week is enough. Your subscribers will be far more likely to open your emails – both because they made a more informed decision to join your list, and because they aren’t as likely to be on dozens of other lists. As they get fewer emails, the open rate for this sort of list can be 30% or more – 10 times what the open rate on a Churn & Burn list will be. You’ll sell to your list time and time again – as your list won’t get ‘burned out’ from multiple daily offers, so the value of each subscriber is much higher than the subscriber to a Churn & Burn list. You’ll also make an equivalent amount of money from a much smaller list than the Churn & Burner will require. Although the time invested is far more than in the Churn & Burn method – the costs are far less – you’ll be building up traffic to your site, and your list, not by buying it, but by creating a larger footprint online that will naturally drive traffic.

Disadvantages: Building your list will be slower than the Churn & Burn method, and particularly in the beginning it will require a great deal of faith that your work will pay off. You’ll need to become fairly knowledgeable in a topic of interest to your subscribers, and have the ability to write interesting and readable articles. Sad to say, our educational system isn’t providing the means to do this for many people, you can easily get through High School without ever being required to write essays. Nor is College much better… Without the ability to write fluidly, you’ll not be able to create a Content Driven list.

What List Building Method Should I Choose?

What method should you choose? In many cases, you’re simply not going to have much of a choice. If you can’t write fluidly and quickly – and draw people into reading your posts, then the Churn & Burn method has your name on it. It will take more consistent work, but it also has the advantage of working a little more quickly, even if it does cost more to get started. You’ll need to set aside between $250-$500  for solo ad buys to build your list up to the point where you can switch to ad swaps.

On the other hand, if you can write, you should definitely think about building a content model – even if you don’ t think you know any topic well enough to write about it. You can learn – the Internet is filled with good information that simply needs to be digested and re-written in your own words. Content Driven lists are far more profitable and valuable in the long run, so I highly encourage you to take a serious look at building a brand… building a website that highlights information that will help others. As Zig Ziglar says: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

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