Say Goodbye To Google Analytics – Hello To Piwik!

You don’t need to be paranoid to realize that Google is everywhere – and perhaps learning just too much about what everyone does online. But their products are so tempting! How anyone could do without their Analytics – if you own a website – is beyond me. Particularly when you’re in the business of list building.

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No More Google Love…

50 Ways To Make Google Love Your WebsiteThere’s a fundamental difference between those who build lists, and those who build websites.

The traditional method requires finding an EMD – an Exact Match Domain name, partnering it with carefully keyworded articles, built in a SILO style, then backlinking from directories, social sites, Web 2.0 properties, and video sites.

Traffic is – for all intents and purposes – only coming from one site – Google… and the intent is to show Google so much love that they’ll shower your site with high rankings, even the holy grail, the number 1 spot on the first page. [Read more…]