Why You Don’t Earn Anything Online…

No DollarsThere is only one way to earn money online – put an offer in front of people who want that service or product, and convert them into buyers. There are, of course, many different sub-niches of how to do this… you could be involved in selling the traffic that people need, you could be selling your own info-product, you could be sending traffic to Amazon, you could be directly selling a physical product on Ebay… but all of these involve selling a service or product to someone

Now, there are only two reasons that you don’t earn anything online … and I’d like to delve into them to see if you can judge which of the two reasons you fall under. [Read more…]

Start Here

If you do any reading, you’ll be familiar with the ‘Introduction’ to a good book – this post here is the introduction to BenHolmesOnline.com – just a basic overview of what this site is all about. I’m going to explain in just one long post what this website will do for you.

The Basic Problem

There are actually three major problems that most people face when trying to earn some extra money online – I’m going to detail them here from personal experience. I’m sure that if you’ve made any efforts to earn some extra coin online – you’re going to be familiar with these problems – but I don’t know your level of knowledge, so I’d like to stick to the basics… [Read more…]

Can A Teenager Do What You Can’t Do?

Sometimes, one of the most motivating things you can read are the stories of other people trying to do what you want to do, and succeeding despite setbacks and difficulties that you don’t face. When someone is able to accomplish something – despite inexperience & youth – then you know you can succeed with your advantages, right?

You say to yourself – if they can do it – despite the problems they faced – then I can certainly succeed!

So today, I’d like to quote directly the story of a teenager who wanted the same thing you do – to make a full-time income online with list building. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did: [Read more…]

An Autoresponder Can Make You Rich!

The Money Is In The ListAccording to survey after survey, it takes an average of 8 visits to a website before a purchase is made. So you must be pro-active – you cannot rely on your visitor to return to your website, so offer them something of value, a free report, a correspondence course, something to convince them to give you their email address. Getting their email address is critical! Then the following 7 visits can be initiated by you, rather than by your potential customer. With a good autoresponder series of emails – you can develop a relationship with your visitors, and encourage them to purchase what you have to sell.

The Money Is In The List

How many times have you heard this assertion? The money is in the list… How many more times will you hear it before it sinks in? [Read more…]

Multi-Level Marketing Scams – Don’t Be A Victim!

Cat in the HatI first must confess to not having a great deal of experience with MLM – Multi-Level Marketing – I’ve been more on the fringes of it than in the middle – but I’m going to share my thoughts on the matter anyway – and you can judge for yourself.

The first thing I always ask about an Internet “make money online” program is: “What are you selling?”  For MLM, it’s not going to be a product, what you end up “selling” is the ability for other people to sell… to other people… who then can sell… to other people…  and so on.  Any “product” is almost strictly a byproduct; you’re selling “management” levels in a selling scheme.

You’re ‘Selling’ The RIGHTS For Others To Sell!

Take a hypothetical example: USA Vitamins – you are invited to join a program where [Read more…]

Smart Or A Sucker – Which One Are You?

Do You Work Dumb or Do You Work Smart?

SuckerThe average person got suckered a long ago… I know, I was one of them.  We grew up with the idea that you get hired at job, you work, and then you get paid.  You work, you get paid; you work, you get paid. Getting a job was always a prerequisite to getting paid.  Your pay is in exact proportion to the time you have invested.  Work 40 hours a week, get a full-time paycheck.  Work less, get paid less…

This is the paradigm for most people – it’s just the way things are.

You’ve been brainwashed to believe that pay is directly related to the time you spend working. [Read more…]

Make Money With Your Own Product Fast!

ResearchOkay – so you want to make money … I’ll tell you now, it’s easier with your own product.

Half of the people reading just went into a panic – you think creating your own product is hard to do … no, it’s surprisingly simple to do. And I’m going to give you a detailed step by step plan to ‘build your own’ information product right here.

Step 1. Research

The first step is to do a little forum reading… you’re going to go to a forum or two on the general niche that you’re interested in. For example, if your general interest niche is the MMO (Make Money Online) niche – then you’ll be at home on the Warrior’s Forum, or DigitalPoint Forum. What you’ll do is start making a list of threads that pose a problem in your niche, and order it by how many responses.

For example, [Read more…]

MLM & ‘Business Opportunities’ – Avoid Like The Plague!

Let’s talk about MLM for a moment… there are many varieties of MLM – Multi-Level-Marketing … Avon, Amway, Tupperware are some very well known examples. The very first question I ask when I look at an MLM ‘opportunity’ – “What’s the Product?” And in a surprising number of cases, the product is the right to get others to do what you’re going to be doing… in other words, the ‘product’ in many cases is to get others to sell in your downline. It’s not about the product, it’s about getting other people to join under you, and do the same thing.

One of the more recent online MLM ‘opportunities’ is the Empower Network – and the real ‘opportunity’ that you’re getting is the ability to sucker other people into the same ‘opportunity’ to make money.

Does it work? [Read more…]

I Need Money Now!

While checking my many emails today – I ran across one that I think needs to be addressed here for all to read. I’ve previously made it clear on this site that list building is not a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘get rich quick’ scheme – it’s a way to build an online business that can be profitable far beyond many other sort of online enterprises. But it takes money and time to develop.

So first, let’s take a look at what a subscriber has given as his goals: [Read more…]

Ever See A Cat With A Ball Of String?

Cat With Ball Of YarnProduct owners keep dangling that shiny new ‘Make Money Fast’ method in your face, and just like a cat with a ball of string, you want to play with the newest method that promises the world.

But you already know how to make money online… you already know how!!

Start a Gig on Fiverr.com

  1. Start selling on Ebay.
  2. Offer a service on Warrior’s Forum or DigitalPoint.
  3. Create an Amazon Affiliate Website.
  4. Create Adsense Websites.
  5. Create Video Reviews linking to Affilate products
  6. Create your own product out of PLR material & sell it.
  7. Start a list and market to them.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, and I know that I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. How many times have you heard someone say: [Read more…]