What Would Happen To You If Google Disappeared Tomorrow?

GoogleLet’s imagine that Google simply decided to disappear tomorrow – after all, they’ve already ‘killed’ more than 70 previously available projects, such as Google Answers, Google X, Google Lively, Google Notebook, Google Catalogs, Google Print Ads, Google Shared Stuff, Google Wave, Google Health, Google Video, iGoogle… the list goes on. Google provides wonderful tools.. but if you’ve put any reliance on the functionality provided by Google – you might be left in the lurch.

So what would happen if they suddenly disappeared completely? [Read more…]

The Guru Council Told Me Not To Reveal This…

Buying ebooks or manuals  that tell you how to make money will never produce a single penny until you start applying what you learn. I have the sneaking suspicion that many of the “make money” customers are frequent buyers of any ‘hot’ idea that comes down the pike, yet never actually do anything to try to earn online.

Ask yourself, how many websites have you put together? How many CPA memberships do you have? How many ad campaigns have you run? If the answer is consistently zero to these and similar questions – why do you think buying another ebook will change anything? [Read more…]

You Can’t Succeed Without…

TargetI know that in my list building manual, List Lightning; I rather briefly covered goal setting, so I’d like to go into a little more depth. If you don’t set your goals, it will be virtually impossible for you to succeed making money online with list building. This is important for you to understand.

Sit down with a piece of paper and write out what you want out of life, and what you’re willing to do in order to get what you want. You can’t hit [Read more…]

Having Photo Fun With Blogging…

Writing HandOkay – sometimes I just like to have fun. In my last post, I had a simple photo of a hand holding a pencil… let’s take a look at it… you see just an ordinary image that I picked up off the Internet… but before I used it, I loaded up my trusty Paint Shop Pro … an old version 7 that I bought many years ago and still does everything I need.

First I resized the graphic to what I wanted… [Read more…]

Making Google Happy With Your Blog…

I continue to insist that SEO is not a game I need to play anymore… particularly since Google will NEVER put any of my landing pages in the top 1,000 pages or so… this means that the traffic methods I’ll be largely using have nothing in common with the sort of traffic methods that I used to use as an Amazon Affiliate.

But if you’re using your blog to enhance your list building efforts, you still want to make Google happy… watch this video to see why… [Read more…]

Dozens of Websites – All Making You Money

Sound good?

There’s a few people on the Warren Forum that have dozens, even, in some cases, hundreds of websites – all busy earning them a few dollars (or even $50+) each month. Now, I hate to think about the SEO required to keep such a network of websites going… fresh content from time to time, new backlinks appearing so that Google believes them to be active…

But in list building – you don’t need quantity – you need quality. [Read more…]

Say Goodbye To SEO – Good Riddance!

No SeoThose of you who come from any background of owning a website know full well the constant battles with SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Getting backlinks, finding just the right keywords – writing and re-writing your posts to get the right keyword usage percentage, getting backlinks, linking all your inner pages, getting backlinks… hmm… constant fighting over backlinks, right?

But no more!

As you learn to build your list – SEO is now a thing of the past. [Read more…]

Blogging On Your Website – A Necessity?

Eating CrowOkay folks – time for me to eat a little crow… In my soon to be revised manual – List Lightning – I recommended that you spend more time building your list than in doing anything with blogging on your website. Guess what … I was wrong.

As I’ve pointed out a number of times – the best way to learn is to follow other successful marketers – and learn from them – both what they do right, and what they do wrong. I pointed out before that the list is the important thing – and that any blogging that you do is entirely secondary to building your list. To some extent, I still think this is correct – between blogging and list building, blogging certainly comes second.

But I now believe that it’s imperative to create  your own blog – and post on it. Largely because of one thing – and one thing only… email open rates. The concept is simple, you stop selling to your list through your emails. Put a majority of your sales efforts on your website, and only refer your list to your website when it’s appropriate to do so. This allows you to concentrate on sending your list good content – and not have your Autoresponder sending day after day of boringly repetitive sales pitches… have you checked your emails lately? I know I get quite a few sales pitches.

And the emails I read virtually all the time are the very few marketers who are not pitching me something on every single email.

So I’m actually firing up my website for blogging, and not just to host my landing pages… it’ll take a while to catch up – had I been doing this all along – I’d be much further along. On the other hand, I’ve seen some really excellent list building blogs that don’t have more than a dozen or so posts… so perhaps I can catch up…  😉

When I can get to it, I’ll be revising my List Lightning manual to include these newer insights… but the basic fundamentals haven’t changed. You need to build a list, you need to build rapport with your list, and you need to monetize your list.

Now, for those of you who will instantly come to the conclusion that you don’t have anything to say – that’s simply not true. I find so many topics to talk about that I just don’t have time to type it all in. And if I ever needed another topic – I’d just type “list building” into Google – go to someone’s blog or to a forum, and read… I’d quickly come up with more ideas – and then I simply type it in my own words.

While it would be easy to ‘cut & paste’ – that’s simply not going to cut the mustard… you need to re-write whatever catches your eye.

The big advantage that I have over people who are trying to earn a living with blogging – is that I don’t care if anyone ever finds this blog through a search engine… I don’t need to do any particular SEO work – or build links, or research keywords… all of those sorts of things are a necessity when building a site that must stand on its own… but this site is only a support tool for my list – and even though people can get on my list through this site – that’s not the primary method I have for list building.

So if you’ve fired up your list building efforts and ignored your website based on my say so… I’m sitting here eating crow. I take back what I previously recommended – and now encourage everyone to build their site up as more than a place to stuff landing pages and tracking tools.

Mmmm… crow tastes good…

What do you think?