Why You Don’t Earn Anything Online…

No DollarsThere is only one way to earn money online – put an offer in front of people who want that service or product, and convert them into buyers. There are, of course, many different sub-niches of how to do this… you could be involved in selling the traffic that people need, you could be selling your own info-product, you could be sending traffic to Amazon, you could be directly selling a physical product on Ebay… but all of these involve selling a service or product to someone

Now, there are only two reasons that you don’t earn anything online … and I’d like to delve into them to see if you can judge which of the two reasons you fall under. [Read more…]

Blogging For Money

Blogging PyramidThere are only two ways to earn money – by providing a service or by providing a product – every method of earning money honestly can be ascribed to one or the other. Blogging has become popular in the last few years – and is a very accessible way for the average person to provide a product which has many advantages. Here’s why:

Information has many tremendous advantages over hard goods:

  1. No cost other than initial production.
  2. Can sell the same product over and over.
  3. No shipping costs.
  4. No warehousing costs.
  5. Value is not predefined by the market (compare with a bar of soap – you know how much it’s worth!)

When it comes to earning money on the Internet [Read more…]

Start Here

If you do any reading, you’ll be familiar with the ‘Introduction’ to a good book – this post here is the introduction to BenHolmesOnline.com – just a basic overview of what this site is all about. I’m going to explain in just one long post what this website will do for you.

The Basic Problem

There are actually three major problems that most people face when trying to earn some extra money online – I’m going to detail them here from personal experience. I’m sure that if you’ve made any efforts to earn some extra coin online – you’re going to be familiar with these problems – but I don’t know your level of knowledge, so I’d like to stick to the basics… [Read more…]

Blogging To The Bank – Turning Words Into Dollars

John Chow The concept behind blogging for dollars is really simple. By putting up a website, and posting articles about interesting topics, you end up with traffic. The more articles you post, the more ‘keyword phrases’ you’ll end up being ranked for, and the more traffic you’ll get from the search engines.

According to Google, over half of all search terms typed in by visitors to their site have never before been typed in! This means that by merely typing in a wide variety of text on the topic of your choice, you have an excellent chance of appearing on the very first page of Google for unusual keyword phrases. This very site, for example, [Read more…]

Content Creation Secrets!

ATM MachineAnyone who’s been following my blog for any length of time knows that I’ve shifted my attention away from only listbuilding, and have begun concentrating on building an authority site to help people make money online with blogging. There’s nothing wrong with listbuilding – please don’t misunderstand. I just want to build a better list! And the best way to do that, is to build up an authority site blog.

By building a list with solo ads and adswaps – my emails are fighting with dozens or hundreds of other listbuilders … but those who subscribe through a blog aren’t necessarily on a huge number of other lists. So by changing my method of list building, I’m improving my business… Does that sound good to you as well?

I hope so!

Okay, you’ve decided to build a list by creating unique content on your own branded website… how to get started: [Read more…]

Smart Or A Sucker – Which One Are You?

Do You Work Dumb or Do You Work Smart?

SuckerThe average person got suckered a long ago… I know, I was one of them.  We grew up with the idea that you get hired at job, you work, and then you get paid.  You work, you get paid; you work, you get paid. Getting a job was always a prerequisite to getting paid.  Your pay is in exact proportion to the time you have invested.  Work 40 hours a week, get a full-time paycheck.  Work less, get paid less…

This is the paradigm for most people – it’s just the way things are.

You’ve been brainwashed to believe that pay is directly related to the time you spend working. [Read more…]

Don’t Make This Blogging Mistake!

Blogging ClockI have a slight problem with a lot of blogs I read… I’m looking for information that has no relevance to the date or time, yet the blog author hasn’t removed date and time information from their blog.  WHY NOT?

If you’ve looked around this site, you’ll notice that there’s no date information anywhere – you have no idea whether I wrote this particular post today, or three years ago.

Why does this matter? It’s really simple… if I stop creating new content for this site – it won’t be obvious to anyone other than regular visitors. People will continue to end up here, and read these posts – and will not be put off by a blog that’s a few years old, yet doesn’t seem to have any current activity.

Now, on many websites, dates are important to the story [Read more…]

How To Get 1,257 Visitors In 48 Hours

1,257 VisitorsIt’s a simple formula – Traffic + Conversions = Money.

And you want more money… you’re conversion rate should be fairly steady if you have a good money sucking funnel – so how do you get more traffic? It’s simple – stop relying on your own efforts.

Now, that sounds rather provocative, doesn’t it?

But it’s really simple when you think about it [Read more…]

Ever See A Cat With A Ball Of String?

Cat With Ball Of YarnProduct owners keep dangling that shiny new ‘Make Money Fast’ method in your face, and just like a cat with a ball of string, you want to play with the newest method that promises the world.

But you already know how to make money online… you already know how!!

Start a Gig on Fiverr.com

  1. Start selling on Ebay.
  2. Offer a service on Warrior’s Forum or DigitalPoint.
  3. Create an Amazon Affiliate Website.
  4. Create Adsense Websites.
  5. Create Video Reviews linking to Affilate products
  6. Create your own product out of PLR material & sell it.
  7. Start a list and market to them.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, and I know that I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. How many times have you heard someone say: [Read more…]