Can You Master Your Emotions?

Angry ManThe true answer for honest people is no – you can’t master your emotions… but most buying decisions are based on emotion. Think back to your last purchase… and identify what led you up to the point where you reached for your purse or wallet… And in most cases, it was emotion that led you there.

Now obviously, emotion isn’t the basis for every buying decision… I’m hungry, so I stock up at the grocery store. No emotion there… my car is low on gas, and I stop in at the gas station… so clearly, not everything is based on some emotion, but many buying decisions are.

For example: I’m reading posts over at the Warrior forum, and I read about a wonderful plugin that will allow me to track my solo ads down to the individual IP of each click – and it’s emotion that makes me buy it. I don’t NEED that plugin. I buy it based on my desire to immediately identify poor solo providers, so I don’t get caught a second time with poor traffic.

In this case, “fear” is the emotion being used to get me and others to buy… the fear of spending money needlessly on useless solo traffic. A fear that I never had until I was educated to that fear by a good sales page.

This is the real job of a salesman – educate people to problems that they may never have realized that they have. Back long ago, salemen would go door to door explaining why your children were being cheated out of a good education because they didn’t have a good set of Encyclopedias available in the house… a fear of having children less educated than the neighbor’s kids… a fear that they never had until a good salesman educated them.

And people bought an expensive Encyclopedia set because of an emotion developed by a good salesman who educated his prospect. I have a good friend who runs a telemarketing firm selling low-cost long distance services to companies… the fear? That they are over-paying for long distance services. The fear of wasting money is always a good emotion to strike up – it works quite well when you can offer a solution cheaper than one they are already employing.

So what emotion are you using to get someone to buy?

Don’t make logical arguments… there’s no logical reason you can give that shows why your product is better, cheaper, more useful, and so forth… than another product.

But you CAN use emotional triggers to get someone to buy.

And you SHOULD use emotional triggers to get someone to buy.

What is the problem faced by your potential buyer? He may not even know what his problem is – it’s your job to explain it to him. I would certainly never have suspected that dishonest solo sellers are selling PTC traffic – now I’m educated, and now I’ve purchased the solution to a problem I never knew I had

This is the tactic for sales… educate your list to problems… identify problems even if they don’t know they have them, then provide the solution. This is your job.

So when you begin your email or blog post – identify the emotion you want to create in your visitors… the common emotions according to eHow that you can think about using are:

  • Joy
  • Trust
  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Sadness
  • Disgust
  • Anger
  • Anticipation
  • Love
  • Remorse

Of these, fear is certainly the most common and easiest to employ… think about what emotion you can use to sell your product, and explain to your visitor in terms that will identify or highlight that emotion in your reader – and you’ll make more sales.

Remember – your object is not to sell products! Your sole desire is to show your readers the problems that they have – even if they don’t know they have them. Someone who has no problems has no reason to buy a solution to their non-existent problem, right? So learn how to educate your readers to their problems – and always keep in the back of your mind that buying decisions are rarely made on logical grounds, but on emotion.

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