Can A Teenager Do What You Can’t Do?

Sometimes, one of the most motivating things you can read are the stories of other people trying to do what you want to do, and succeeding despite setbacks and difficulties that you don’t face. When someone is able to accomplish something – despite inexperience & youth – then you know you can succeed with your advantages, right?

You say to yourself – if they can do it – despite the problems they faced – then I can certainly succeed!

So today, I’d like to quote directly the story of a teenager who wanted the same thing you do – to make a full-time income online with list building. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did:

Financial CrisisHi! I’m Howard! 20 this year.

And here’s my story…

4 years ago, when I was 16,
My family was in a financial crisis.

Money was hard to come by,
Everything was expensive
And jobs were hard to come by.

If you remember, that was the year 2009,
When the financial crisis was at it’s worst.

Life was getting harder.
Many a time, we had to plan very carefully
How we were going to spend the money we had,
And what to spend it on.

Amid all these hardships,
My parents never for once asked me to
Leave school to work.

Instead they did the opposite.
They encouraged me to study,
To learn,
And to be better,

So that in the future,
I would not have to suffer like them.

But deep down in my heart
I really wanted to do something for the family.

So I spent all the time I could spare,
Everyday after I finished studying,
To research about
The different ways of making money.

And I tried everything I could get my hands on.
From online surveys to
Distributing flyers on the streets.

I tried them all.

But everything was either to tiring or
Didn’t pay well enough.

Eventually I stopped doing odd jobs
And online surveys.
Because it started to affect my grades.

Then I was back to square one.
No income.

ATM MachineThis time I was desperate.
I went online desperately trying to find something.

And I stumbled upon something.
A video after a man drawing countless amounts
of cash from the ATM machine as if he owned a bank.

That was what moved me into
Researching how did he managed to do that.

The word that came out was list building and
Internet marketing and blah blah blah.

Things I never heard about and
I labelled it as SCAM!

Don’t worry k?
I am not trying to sell you anything. 🙂

I just want to tell my story to inspire others. 🙂

Okay to continue…

But I decided to do research
Instead of paying and
Attending his coaching program.

So there after, I spent days
And weeks
And months

Researching about Internet Marketing.

And still I had
No income.

I and realised why.
It was because i was scared.
I was afraid to fail.
I was afraid of this foreign term,
Internet Marketing.

50 Dollars, Autoresponder, HostingSo I steeled my resolve
And spent 50 dollars
On an Auto-Responder and
A Hosting System.

And I created my first website!
I took an ebook i saw from one website,
Those free give away ebooks

And I started to rewrite the content.
That was the first ebook that I ever gave out.

After that, I was just driving traffic
And driving traffic,
And driving traffic …

And finally after 2 months,
I got my first Sale!

And it was enough to last me the next 2 months.

It spurred me to work even harder
And by 2011, I was earning $100 per month.
(This 100 is excluding hosting and auto-responder fees)

It took me 2 years.
2 full years to reach that mark.
2 years of research
2 years of trial and error
2 years of failing and trying again.

Wow, now that I am writing this
And I think back about it,
I really feel that I have become
More Mature
And that I could appreciate
My success better.

Hey $100 per month is a success to me okay?
A small one at least. 🙂

Wait, just spend a little while more
To finish reading my story k?

I think I must be crazy
Because a month later,
I invested $2000 in a coaching program
(from the guy in the video)

And I couldn’t believe it.
Through this 3 day program.

On the 1st day, I heard everything
I learnt in the past 2 years
All presented in one day.
And i was like……. WHAT!!

Then the next 2 days taught me much more.

The saying is really true!
Knowledge is power.

But I prefer to say
Only those who use that knowledge
Become powerful.

Learning without actually putting
That knowledge to good use
Is like growing apples
And not eating them
When they are ripe.

So since 2012,
I broke through my previous high,
And started to earn a full time income
Varying between $2500 – $5000 per month.

This was able to
Support me in university studies,
Support my lifestyle needs,
And Support my parents.

Told them to retire early,
But they refused,
Saying life is better
When you have something to do.

In a way I agree,
But at least now they are not worried
About money anymore.

So if there is one thing I would like
Others to remember is that
If a teenager can do it,
You can too!

Have Confidence!
And Be Positive!

Cheers to your success,

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