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John Chow The concept behind blogging for dollars is really simple. By putting up a website, and posting articles about interesting topics, you end up with traffic. The more articles you post, the more ‘keyword phrases’ you’ll end up being ranked for, and the more traffic you’ll get from the search engines.

According to Google, over half of all search terms typed in by visitors to their site have never before been typed in! This means that by merely typing in a wide variety of text on the topic of your choice, you have an excellent chance of appearing on the very first page of Google for unusual keyword phrases. This very site, for example,will never see page one of Google for “Make Money Online” – just isn’t going to happen. But I have a 100% chance of appearing on the first page for long-tail keyword phrases from the articles I write – indeed, the chances are excellent that you may have first found this website from a Google search…

I get 70% of my first-time visitors from a Google search. As well as ‘blindly’ typing in long articles for the different long-tail keyword phrase possibilities, you can also target specific keyword phrases. This involves a little bit of research beforehand, looking for keyword phrases that aren’t targeted by very many websites. The best way to do this is to use Google’s Keyword Tool, start by typing in your basic topic keyword, then make a list of interesting possibilities. You want keyword phrases that are at least 3 words long – and that have at least 100 searches a day. Then use: allintitle:”keyword phrase” as a Google search… the fewer results, the better the chances that your article will hit page one!

While I do occasionally ‘target’ an article for specific keyword phrases – I usually find it more relaxing to simply develop a post on a topic that I know will interest my readers… if you have a tight niche website – then targeting your posts for specific long-tailed key phrases that you know have low competition is something you need to do. But here, I’m showing you how to build an authority site on a topic – and it’s not nearly as critical – since you’ll have far more content driving traffic than the typical niche site does.

You can also ‘rework’ articles or posts you’ve already written (indeed, this very post comes from another of my websites originally!). If you don’t already have a corpus of written material to start with – you can visit article directories online, read an interesting article on the topic of your site, then close the window and re-write the article from memory. Naturally, you’ll change it to reflect your tone and knowledge. Keep in mind that the longer your article or post, the more long-tail keyword phrases Google will find and rank you for… this is why I often shoot for 1,000 words before I stop writing.

Once you’ve gotten some posts up to the first page of Google and other search engines, you’ll start developing traffic from organic search results. This traffic can be turned into money as simply as having Adsense ads on your site if you aren’t building an Authority site. But here, I’m showing you how to build an authority site, and traffic is best monetized by directing visitors to affiliate products where you can earn far more money than Adsense. But the key is the initial traffic, if you don’t have traffic, you can’t earn money.

Now, the real trick to this procedure is patience – most people today operate at ‘warp speed‘ – everything has to happen now, and if it takes weeks or months – it’s presumed that it will never happen. But good websites don’t start getting thousands of visitors in the first few days, or even the first few weeks or months… this is a project that you must plan on devoting 6 months to a year before you see the sort of results you can dream of. If you don’t have this sort of patience, then you’ll continue working 8-5.

Now, obviously, John Chow knows he’s not going to sell his remarkable success if he tells you honestly that there’s almost no chance that you’ll duplicate his incredible success in the same short timeframe. Indeed, most bloggers will never approach his numbers. It takes patience and more work than most people realize – but the rewards are equally amazing.   What do you have to lose?

Once you start, your new blog must have new posts added on a regular basis – you should aim to do one post a day until you have at least 100 posts up – then you can drop to doing just 1-3 new posts each week. Every post should be long enough to be interesting, but not long enough that people won’t finish reading it. I usually try to shoot for posts in the 750-1,000 word range. Once you’ve started a good series of posts on your blog – you’ll need to start marketing your blog with forum posts and website comments – but more on that later.

You may notice that I also try to break posts up into short statements – and am very fast to apply bolding, underlining, italics & color to break things up into bite sized chunks.

Graphics, photos, and videos are also very useful to hold people’s interest – if your blog is boring, don’t expect very much return traffic!

This is a very simple sketch of what you need to do to earn money by blogging – and the sooner you get started, the sooner you can tell your boss “Goodbye”… so get started today!

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