How To Get 1,257 Visitors In 48 Hours

1,257 VisitorsIt’s a simple formula – Traffic + Conversions = Money.

And you want more money… you’re conversion rate should be fairly steady if you have a good money sucking funnel – so how do you get more traffic? It’s simple – stop relying on your own efforts.

Now, that sounds rather provocative, doesn’t it?

But it’s really simple when you think about it [Read more…]

I Need Money Now!

While checking my many emails today – I ran across one that I think needs to be addressed here for all to read. I’ve previously made it clear on this site that list building is not a ‘quick fix’ or a ‘get rich quick’ scheme – it’s a way to build an online business that can be profitable far beyond many other sort of online enterprises. But it takes money and time to develop.

So first, let’s take a look at what a subscriber has given as his goals: [Read more…]

How To Earn Twice As Much!

OutsourcingOne of the critical mistakes made by many online marketers is the inability to differentiate between tasks that they must be doing for themselves, and jobs that are best left to outsourcers. If you insist on doing everything yourself – you’ll get bogged down in minutia, and you’ll end up not making as much money as you could be making.

I’m an American, and with that statement, you can assume certain things about me – first, that my hourly income is high enough that it’s a waste of my time to do simple repetitive things such as creating Tier 2 websites… which can far more profitably be outsourced to [Read more…]

Ever See A Cat With A Ball Of String?

Cat With Ball Of YarnProduct owners keep dangling that shiny new ‘Make Money Fast’ method in your face, and just like a cat with a ball of string, you want to play with the newest method that promises the world.

But you already know how to make money online… you already know how!!

Start a Gig on

  1. Start selling on Ebay.
  2. Offer a service on Warrior’s Forum or DigitalPoint.
  3. Create an Amazon Affiliate Website.
  4. Create Adsense Websites.
  5. Create Video Reviews linking to Affilate products
  6. Create your own product out of PLR material & sell it.
  7. Start a list and market to them.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, and I know that I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. How many times have you heard someone say: [Read more…]

How Can You Afford Solo Ads?

Solo Ads Equal MoneyI’ve gotten emails from some people on my list asking for more information about free methods of driving traffic because they don’t have extra cash for Solo Ads. I can empathize, (or, as one famous politician puts it, “I can feel your pain…”) since I can remember when squeezing $15, $30, or $45 dollars for another Solo ad was something I had to budget for. I remember just how painful that was… I really did have to cut out some extras in my life to free up some money for Solo ads.   So I really do understand the problem that some of my subscribers have.  It’s far less painful to work with free traffic…  But as I explain in my ebook, List Lightning – paid traffic is immediate, and free traffic is slow. [Read more…]

Gmail Spam – Why It Can Kill Your Business…

If you’ve done what I recommend in my manual – List Lightning (and indeed, what is only common sense): you’ve subscribed to your own list. And if you’re careful about your business, you’re keeping an eye on your spam folder – to make sure that none of your newsletter emails end up there.

But even the very best list marketers can end up there… Today I found [Read more…]

What Would Happen To You If Google Disappeared Tomorrow?

GoogleLet’s imagine that Google simply decided to disappear tomorrow – after all, they’ve already ‘killed’ more than 70 previously available projects, such as Google Answers, Google X, Google Lively, Google Notebook, Google Catalogs, Google Print Ads, Google Shared Stuff, Google Wave, Google Health, Google Video, iGoogle… the list goes on. Google provides wonderful tools.. but if you’ve put any reliance on the functionality provided by Google – you might be left in the lurch.

So what would happen if they suddenly disappeared completely? [Read more…]

Have You Bought The Lottery Ticket Yet?

Slow Down - Money AheadIf you’ve been around the Internet for any length of time, and wanted to learn how to make money, then I’m sure you’ve seen many products that offered fast income with very little work. In fact, I’m quite sure you must have bought a few of them…

And, having bought that magic push button program that showed you pictures of mansions and fancy cars … I have but one small question:

Has Your Life Turned Around?

Or are you still waiting for that magic flood of visitors desperately trying to fill your bank account with money? [Read more…]