An Autoresponder Can Make You Rich!

The Money Is In The ListAccording to survey after survey, it takes an average of 8 visits to a website before a purchase is made. So you must be pro-active – you cannot rely on your visitor to return to your website, so offer them something of value, a free report, a correspondence course, something to convince them to give you their email address. Getting their email address is critical! Then the following 7 visits can be initiated by you, rather than by your potential customer. With a good autoresponder series of emails – you can develop a relationship with your visitors, and encourage them to purchase what you have to sell.

The Money Is In The List

How many times have you heard this assertion? The money is in the list… How many more times will you hear it before it sinks in? You must develop a list of potential customers, so that you can explain to them how you propose to help them. If the list is formed at a website aimed at making money on the Internet – as BenHolmesOnline is, then obviously you’ll receive emails describing various opportunities for earning money on the Internet.  If you have a website concerned with fresh water aquariums – those on your collected mail list will be interested in products related to fresh water aquariums…

All successful Internet marketers have their own list – I don’t know anyone who successfully earns a living on the Internet that doesn’t maintain a list of their customers and potential customers – and actively communicates with their list via their autoresponder.

Some of the things that a good autoresponder will help you accomplish:

  1. You’ll Make More Money. Send good offers to your list, and you will make sales.  Send more offers, make more money!
  2. You’ll Work Less. You can contact thousands of customers immediately.
  3. You’ll Build a Reputation. The best way to sell to someone is to keep yourself in front of your customers over a long period of time.  Sending out periodic emails via your autoresponder is a good way to let people know what expertise you have, and what products you’re offering.
  4. You’ll Get Customers For Life! Most people simply stay on your autoresponder until they die or unsubscribe.  Sheer inertia will keep many people on your list – and if your emails are interesting and offer value – you will make sales.

Autoresponder Choices

  1. Desktop Solution: There are a number of choices you can make for your own autoresponder.  You could have an autoresponder that runs on your own computer – I don’t recommend this option for a number of reasons. Primarily that your computer must remain on at all times, in order to handle any incoming autoresponder requests.
  2. Your Own Web Server Installed: Next are autoresponders that you install on your own web server – although these range in price from free to very expensive – this is really an advanced solution for people who have a full time staff to handle whitelisting and hosting issues on their own server. Indeed, there are plugins for WordPress that handle this… but I don’t recommend going with a free solution…
  3. Hosted Solutions: Hosted solutions are autoresponders that are hosted on another web server – the advantage is that they will handle spam complaints, and make sure that their IP isn’t tagged as a spam originator.  This insures that your emails will be received correctly.  Most hosted solutions are, unfortunately,  paid services – so you’ll have to bite the bullet and pay for services when your mail list is over 1,000 or more subscribers. Some excellent choices you may wish to consider are Aweber or GetResponse.

Now, your choice of autoresponder is going to follow you for a long time… if you try to go with a free autoresponder (you can search Google for one), you could easily build up a nice list, then lose everything when your ‘free’ autoresponder goes under from lack of funds. I once recommended ‘’ – and now it’s gone. Just a word of warning – free isn’t really free if you lose all your hard work now, is it? Whichever autoresponder you pick, you’re generally not going to change it … so be careful and choose wisely… it’s very difficult (and in many cases, not possible) to move a list from one autoresponder to another.

For all these reasons – I highly recommend that you start with Aweber or GetResponse – you really can’t go wrong with either one. (Full Disclosure – I use Aweber – but I’ve heard really good things about GetResponse as well)

Whatever you choose – you must begin collecting email addresses – having your own mail-list is the key to Internet Marketing profits. Just to encourage you – it’s an industry cliche that a Mail List is worth $1 per person per month.  So if you have a 1,000 people on your list, you should be able to earn $1,000 each month from the effective use of that list.  So begin now to think about how you’re going to develop your own mail list – and get started!

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