About Me

People are always interested in knowing a little about the person behind the person – so to speak…

So here’s where you’ll learn a little bit about me.

Grew up in a military family – and followed the ‘family business’ so to speak – by joining the Marine Corps myself… I spent a tad over a decade traveling around the world wearing khaki & camouflage green. You can learn an amazing amount by traveling in foreign countries, and immersing yourself in a foreign culture & language.

I’ve also spent the great part of my life reading books – all sorts of books… my parents raised us (I have a number of brothers & sisters) with an enjoyment of reading, and it’s served me well. I still average several books a week, although truth be told, I’ll re-read good books again and again… science fiction tends to be my favorite, but novelists such as Tom Clancy, James Clavell, John Grisham, Vince Flynn, Lee Child, Earle Stanley Gardner, are also big favorites of mine.

I have a wide variety of interests… I’ve spent a lifetime studying Judo, for example… a rather exotic art for an American. I also enjoy computers (I build my own), riding bikes, metal detectors, electronics, and, did I mention… reading.

I also must confess, that the photo you see of me on this site is merely a stock photo – I’m a tad older and not nearly as handsome as the photo – but as I don’t do any “Online Dating” – I hardly consider it a falsehood… but if your impression of me is founded on stock photography, you’ve been misled. I consider it merely branding. Some prefer caricatures, I prefer stock photography.

I do tend to be somewhat ‘secretive’ online – I think that most people publish far too much information about themselves online, and it makes it easy for identity theft, and suchlike – so you’ll note that there’s quite a bit missing from this page…

My age, marital status, skin color, religion… all the sorts of things that one takes for granted knowing about someone … is fine if you know them in person. Sort of a quirk of mine to keep such information ‘camouflaged’, so to speak. I know that seems strange in today’s ‘open’ society… but perhaps I harken back to an earlier age.

My hope is that I can help others move forward in online marketing – I hope I can show you how to create a website, how to set up an autoresponder, and how to create and market to your own list of subscribers. If you have questions about online marketing, I encourage you to email me – for despite the volume of emails I get daily, I do try to answer everyone.

Feel free to browse through the website – if you believe I need to address any particular issues, be sure to let me know what you’re interested in… if I don’t know – I can probably get some guest bloggers to speak to the issue.

Thanks for visiting!